Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Spring happy times

It feels so weird that its March and therefore 'Spring' already - if only the weather could be more spring like but at least over the last day or so its been more sunny. I'm so very bored of snow - especially with more forecast for the end of the week [oh the joy], its nothing like when you were a kid and you wanted it to snow all the time. But at least there are signs of life in the garden, some pretty bulbs, the sound of birds and some blue in the sky.

Is it only me or is this year really zipping away in a whirlwind?!

Not that i'm complaining too much, I'm rather looking forward to this year especially summer and autumn when things should be falling more into place with things in my life that will get sorted and a big, brand new, shiny chapter will start. Lots of things need to fall into place first but its good to hope, right?

I 'won' well more given an amazing goodie bag of The Sanctuary products at work the other week for the job I did over Christmas. I've always heard amazing things about Sanctuary products [I guess they are the next indulgent beauty/bath range after Soap and Glory that people rave about] but I've never had chance to try any of them, and now I guess I have no excuse.

What isn't pictured is one shopping bag and another big gold weekend bag and a pair of exfoliating gloves. The latter I wish I had found and used years ago - if you have dry skin, or skin that gets a bit rough they are the perfect invention even though because your wearing gloves it makes it feel like someone else is washing you.
New Look has some fabulous offers on at the moment - a lot of their tops and knitwear are being reduced and I grabbed the bag [above] for £5 down from £12 - bargain and a perfect new bag for work. Also grabbed the purse for a fiver too can't go wrong at that price. H&M also have some smashing bargains on knitwear too atm.

The only bad thing though is from having five days off in a row and having to go back tomorrow - I really want to just stay home!


  1. Your posts are always so beautifully photographed!
    I love the smell of the Sanctuary stuff, enjoy your pampering session.

  2. Thank you Vix, I think it must be my A Level in art finally having some use with the photographs. The Sanctuary stuff does smell so yummy.

  3. Oooh, lovely Sanctuary goodies! Lucky lady.

  4. Lovely bits there. New Look have just refurbed their store so I'll have to have a look and see if they have any bargains!

  5. lovely goodies :)
    please may i borrow some of your luck?
    loving the new and shiny reference xx

  6. I'm sure Spring will come soon enough now:)

    Likewise, I can't believe it's already March now! It's kinda scary how fast time pass by sometimes!!


  7. Thank you for coming over...:)
    I love beauty stuff!!! Love your blog.

  8. wow what a darling blog!!! i love your writing style.

    i'll be back for sure!!

  9. Thank you so much for your friendship and for caring. XOXO

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  11. I've got something for you in my blog doll!!!Check it out!!!Cheers!!!