Monday, 8 March 2010

A thank you and a mountain of scarfs

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone that posted me a great well yesterday. I bit the bullet and I went to the doctors - I apparently have a very very very painful bladder, urging on kidney infection. It's horrid to say the least - think period pain multiplied by about five. I have some antibiotics [I get a bit obsessed about learning all about pills now I'm working in a dispensary] so hopefully they might work some kinda magic. I feel better knowing what's wrong I just want the pain to go away now!

But back to business;

One of my addictions is scarfs, some people swoon over shoes, handbags, mine is scarfs - the more the merrier. I blame Primark for this addiction [its easier that way] they always use to sell their pretty pretty ones so they always seemed value for money and really they are just a jazzy, fun and cheap way of altering or adding something to an outfit.
My scarf mountain from left to right - my brand new street seller one [see below] pink sparkly from F&F Tescos £9, blue & black desert scarf - Primark £3, purple sparkly - Primark £3, white & black desert scarf - Primark - £3, pink wooley scarf - M&S £5, purple & black spotty [reverse-able] H&M £10 and purple multicoloured - Primark -£1.50. You can totally tell my favourite colour in purple, no?!

My find of the week [last week] or my "treat for the week" as I call it was a £2 scarf I stumbled across in York. Admittedly it was from a street seller so god knows what I was funding handing my my money over - but it was just calling for me.
I just love it, its so bright and thick and just right for the spring time. Perfect!

What's the one accessory you can't fail to walk past without swooning?


  1. Ohh dear feel better!! I've had a bad kidney infection before and it just wipes the life right out of ya. I hope the medicine works & just take it easy for a lil bit!! =)

    I love scarfs too! They are one of my favorite accessories!! =)

  2. Love that purple!...Gloves!

  3. Oh man I hope you feel better soon! I have an idea of how you might feel as I had a similar problem a few months ago.

    My favourite accessory is rings. The Christmas craft fair at home had millions of amazing ones, my dad had to drag my mum and I out the door :(

  4. Oh, I do sympathise, not nice at all. Well done for being brave.
    Lots of cranberry juice and lemon barley water should help that nasty infection go away that bit sooner.
    Great stash of scarves, very impressive.
    Get well soon, lovely!

  5. Cheers girls - yeah i've heard about the benefits of the cranberry juice so i'm gonna have to do and start drinking it like there's no tomorrow. One of my bad habits is not drinking enough liquids bar the odd cuppa especially when i'm work even though I have no excuse with a free water tap. Time for a change me thinks mainly because this pain is a nightmare.

  6. So glad you have something to take for your pain, Take care of yourself. Yes everyone is right about the cranberry juice - just make sure there is no added sugar or preservatives. The real stuff is best can be a bit potent but not too bad!
    Get well soon!

  7. Mine is hats! Although scarves are a close second :)

  8. That sounds awfully painful, I hope the medication helps!

    Wow, look at your mountain of scarves! Adore your new purple one, it's lovely!

    I actually love all kinds of jewelry, they're my favourite accessories:)


  9. Oh, i hope you get better soon^, I know exactly how that hurts.. About the scarfs, i have a little bit of that addiction too ^^ one day i must post about them as well! But i also love hats.

  10. I've had a few kidney infections before now, ultra painful. Rest up..

    LOVE your scarves x

  11. I love scarves too! Cannot get enough of them!

    Hope the antibiotics work for you. Fingers crossed for a clean bill of health soon! xx