Saturday, 21 August 2010

An afternoon wedding tea

I'm not sure many people have "themes" for their weddings, maybe the go more for show or for colours. But we want a theme. We both, well probably Joe more then me, huge tea lovers and after having an amazingly fun and posh time at Betty's in York the other week, the "afternoon tea" idea has been something overly running through my mind when it comes to the decoration, food, drinks and atmosphere at our wedding. With myself being English and us hopefully marrying in America, I hope this theme brings a little bit of an English countryside feel to some little place in Michigan next year. As well as making a scrapbook of ideas myself, I thought i'd make a virtual one too. 

So things like;
Cupcakes, lavender, china, tea, pinks, purples, gardens, cakes ...


  1. I think I want something like this too! It's such a great idea :) x

  2. Heavenly! Scrumptious ideas for the big day.....

  3. wow, i loved the idea! It must be amazing to have all these projects going on and planning something that special :)

  4. What a pretty post. If I was having my time over again, I'd crochet some flowers and keep them!
    Hugs And Love Suex