Tuesday, 17 August 2010

YORK: Afternoon Tea at Betty's

Betty's Tearooms were opened as a haven to offering traditional meals, cakes and teas mixing influences from Switzerland and Yorkshire. The first tearoom was opened in 1919 in Harrogate by Fredrick Belmont, a Swiss confectioner with later additions opening in York. The naming of the tearooms as "Betty's" however remains a mystery. Some consider them to be named after the former Queen Mother; a former Harrogate Spa owner Betty Lupton, a previous daughter of the sites former owner who had died of TB and/or perhaps a small child who is said to have interrupted a meeting and suggested a name. 

Opening in the 1930s, the York St Helen's Square branch of Betty's became its flagship tearoom. During WWII the "Betty's basement" downstairs became the hangout of American and Canadian bomber boys located over here. Overall the design of the tearoom is inspired by ship RMS Queen Mary after Fredrick sailed upon its maiden voyage. Impressed by the design that much he commissioned the same ship's designers and craftsmen to provide a setting for his latest branch.

Me and JJ decided to pretend to be posh and opted for "afternoon" tea at Bettys.

Least its given me one idea for our wedding - a basis of "afternoon tea" for the buffet, little sandwiches, little cakes all on vintage cake stands. With posh tea.


  1. That sounds perfect for your wedding! I wanna come!!!

  2. When I was finishing out my art history studies I looked at art deco tearooms and have ALWAYS wanted to go to one!! I'm so jealous. It all looks scrumptious. Congrats on the engagement!!!!!!

  3. I love Bettys!! Never done the afternoon tea there though, next time I'm taking someone in there I'm going to have to go for this.

  4. Fabulous Pink....that would be fun to do!

  5. it looks really a perfect place to go with your sweetheart for some wedding ideas :)