Monday, 30 August 2010

My wedding shawl

Being engaged has become the perfect excuse to start crocheting my wedding shawl. I know I blogged about it ages ago when I first saw the pattern within the Crochet Today magazine which was just wow and totally stuck out to me. It was something I wanted to keep and to make for myself, for my magic day and to keep as a memory of it. 

The finished orginal article is meant to look something like this;
Its made in two halves with pineapple and a million trebles and chains but its a really easy pattern to follow even though to do a row seems to take forever due to its width. I'm making mine with some free wool, my mam gave it to me months ago because she had no use to it so, seeing its free its even more great [seeing we're working with a £2000 budget to get married with]. We're planning an autumnal wedding so this shawl is going to be the perfect way to keep a little warmth.

It needs pulling into shape a lot and some of the chains are a bit iffy - not sure if its the yarn or me but it's fine. I wanted to make and finished this first, the dress has to go around this for which I have a million ideas!


  1. Hi Pink....Your wedding shawl is going to be beautiful and special. I believe your little ginger kitten has quite a bit of personality too! Love that color. Have fun planning........

  2. I've been married 27 years. If I had known how to crochet my wedding flowers I would have done! Why not?
    Love to you,
    Love the shawl.
    A bit of yarn, a bit of wire, a needle. hey presto!
    xHugs Suex