Sunday, 15 August 2010

Holiday snaps

Thank you to everyone who's given us there's congratulations and best wishes for getting engaged. It still feels like an amazingly good dream. I guess we should pretend to be all grown up now?! So here's just some piccies of us on our holiday together in York. No doubt there'll be countless other blogs about what we got up too. 
Lazying in the sun just by our special place where we got engaged
Snuggles behind the Minster
We're right posers, I know.
My guy :D
No more piccccccies!
Best week of my life. Loved it.
Thank you all again


  1. It makes me happy to read about this sweet engagement. I'm so happy for you both. Oooh - you are going to have a most splendid "pink" style wedding. I can hardly wait!!!!!!!! Your Florida friends, Linda and Posy

  2. I had to come back...thanks for your comment Pink. Your dreamy Joe's gran lives in Florida? That's great - there are so many wonderful places to visit here. I am thrilled over the happy news! I'm certain that you will have a "one of a kind" "just right for you both" kind of wedding! Wooo hooooo.....

  3. Congratulations Rachael! I hope you will both be very happy!
    OOh this was a nice surprise this morning. I was just popping over to say I am doing your post on SIBOL. Your squares have arrived safely and I am most grateful to you and your Mother!
    Be happy both,
    Hugs Suex
    Lovely posts! x