Sunday, 26 June 2011

LIFE: 28 Degrees

Looks like summer may have finally arrived - most likely only for a day but it was enjoyable being able to sit outside and freeze or get rained on. Even with a couple of  clouds in the sky it was nice just to watch the world go past and read. I think when we weather finally turns hot like this us Brits aren't really too sure what to do.

Has anyone else been watching the Glastonbury highlights? Mumford and Sons were fantastic - i've heard bits of them before but never sat down and listened properly to them but i'm a fan for sure. When I had my NME days Glastonbury was a fesstival I longed to go to - and still do in a way. I still would given the chance. We're been eyeing up Chicago's Lollapalooza festival for next year but we'll see what the headliner's are first, being in Grant Park next to Lake Michigan there's no camping and I can only guest at how busy all the hotels will get that weekend. 

My heads been stuck in Bill Bryson's Made in a America book this past week; its not really about American history as such but it tells it in passing in a very amusing way. It's the tale of the American language and how it forms it's culture, how and why America uses the words it does, the people that said things, invented things and wrote things down. From the instance of the term penguin coming from Newfoundland but no one really knows why; that side-walk is Colonial America and that fall for autumn is a term us English were using first. Who'd of thought.

Hope your all enjoying the sunshine wherever you are x


  1. I've been meaning to pick up a copy of Made in America for a while so thank you for sharing it sounds so interesting!

    Your floral photography is stunning! What sort of camera do you use for your shots? Especially love the lone purple flower! :-)

    I've never been to Glastonbury - I've done Leeds and Reading - both of which were fantastic, but somehow never got round to Glasto yet. Lollapalooza and Coachella are both on my list too!

    Jem xXx

  2. Aww thanks Jem. They seem to get lost on facebook but at least I have somewhere to put them on my blog.

    I just have a Fuji-film camera its only 6.3 mega pix to its well behind its contemporary rivals out there, I just always have it on the flower setting which is fairly decent for close ups. Then just play with the lighting in picasa and play with different editing but not overly.

  3. so glad you guys are having sunshine over there now!

    it's almost too hot where i live though, that i wish for rain:)


  4. I do wish it'd be summer for more than a day at a time...I want to enjoy it, not constantly think about how I have to do everything in one day because it wont last!

  5. I adore Bill Bryson!! He is so smart and funny! You should try another book by him called At Home, that's the one I'm reading now :)


  6. Glastonbury and the sunshine were both glorious. Your photos are gorgeous and I love Bill Bryson, he makes me laugh out loud. x

  7. Daisy - I know what you mean - feels like we're lucky to have two sunny days in a row. It's all gone back to being dull and grey again. Always seems like the sunny warm days are on the days i'm at work.

    Loanna - I've seen that At Home by Mr Bryson in the shops - does look really interesting. Think it's number one in the book charts so it must be good. I think i'm definitely going to check out some of his other books. He seems such a mind of information!

  8. Vix - i'm glad you had a lovely time at Glasto, the TV highlights looked amazing. The book is very comical, I end up chuckling to myself on the bus.