Thursday, 30 June 2011

MUSIC: Trivium

Nearly two years into blogging and i've never once written about music - which is odd seeing music once was and still is if somewhat decreased massive part of my life. I thought maybe I should do random posts about bands I love or got me into certain types of music styles even if its just a way of making myself remember what I was loving once and/or still do. First up I guess is Trivium - yes I like metal which many find shocking.  I'm not really sure why. Maybe because perhaps I don't stereotypically dress like I like metal. Who knows.

Its easiest to define Trivum as merely "metal" but they can be considered anything from hardcore to trash depending on which album your listening to and how firm you believe the boundaries between genres should be. What is more set in stone is them being American, and on the verge of releasing their 5th album In Waves on August 8th. I first came across Trivium via getting into Avenged Sevenfold, reading Metal Hammer and listening to Kerrang radio, it was when their 2005 single Dying in Your Arms from the Ascendancy album even got a play on day time Radio 1 - well the edited version at least. I heard a song, thought they were good, brought the album and that was that. Six years down the line I can still play that album and be nowhere bored. Plus they have some incredible ink between them.

Seeing them in April 2007 was the best gig i've ever been too - it was fixed with problems of support bands guitar strings breaking numerous times and interference through the local radio coming through the speakers between song. That and being in Newcastle City Hall - a venue with fixed seats - very interesting for metal bands and mosh pits. Yet the rapour between Matt Heafy (lead guitar/vocals) was amazing, you can generally tell when a band wants to be playing (for the reverse see uninterested singers in indie bands like Razorlight) through their crowd interaction and full on smiles.This still continues through their updates on Facebook - they keep that personal going, you can somehow see that they care about their fans.

To like a band like Trivium you have to be open to changing styles - they are still young guys (well my age) pushing and playing with the boundaries of music. Often they've fallen to criticism but i'd rather love a band that was trying new things then getting lost in a musical rut. I would love to see them again and hopefully this time i'll get to take Joe and it'll be in a huge venue with proper pits going. Until then I can't wait for their new album and if you fancy hearing them their new song is below:

Images taken from Trivium's facebook albums and In Waves from YouTube.


  1. Ha! I'm a HUGE fan of metal too. I know, what you mean people do find it weird especially cause I don't dress like a metalhead.
    I actually laughed at this post - it was Avenged Sevenfold which got me into metal too :)


  2. I'm glad to see i'm not the only non-conventional metal looking like fan. I think the closest I get is eyeliner and tattoos hehe.

    I tried listening to some of the newer A7X stuff on you tube the other day but I didn't get it at all, had to go back to the Waking the Fallen album. It's weird how I don't mind singing in "pop" or indie but I hate it in metal!

  3. When I was like 16 I listened to metal all the time, including Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold. My tastes are a bit more eclectic now I'm older but I still listen to metal. Everyone thinks it's weird when I tell them because I don't dress in that way either. I guess you can't judge a book by its cover!


  4. Very true Stephanie. I think Trivium are the only metal band I still properly follow and Flyleaf too if you can count them as metal - not really too sure. My tastes like yours are a lot more open and engaging with a whole series of different types of music x

  5. Cool post!

  6. Thank you, it is a stunningly atmospheric picture x

  7. I'm a huge secret metal fan too, people seem so surprised when I tell them what my favourite bands are!
    I used to love Avenged Sevenfold! I never really listened to much of Trivium's stuff for some reason, will have to give their new album a listen when it comes out.

  8. The first picture is brilliant! You have a brilliant blog, so I am definitly going to come back and read more of your posts.

    I wish you lots of luck with your blog, although I am sure you do not need it!
    All the best;

  9. It's worth a listen Gillian - some of the metal I can't get back into and I wonder what I use to like about it but there's something that keeps me hooked onto Trivium.

    Thank you for commenting and finding my blog voe x

  10. I love metal too.
    Your blog is so inspirational, following you, doll!