Thursday, 9 June 2011

Something blue

If you follow the old rhyme a bride on her wedding day should wear something blue, this is alongside the old - our wedding rings from Joe's gran, the something borrowed which because Joe looks at this I can't reveal and the something new - maybe my dress counts[?] to bring her luck. I'm slightly stuck on the something blue - and searching the net doesn't reveal too much inspiration;
A blue tattoo - being a tattooed girl I could see the appeal I just don't have any designs currently that warrant adding blue to them and the more I look at this picture the more fake the tattoo looks.
Brides wedding garter within something blue 1920s inspired from Etsy - not sure why but garters don't appeal to me.
Vintage blue flowered hanky - now this I could do and may have to investigate. So pretty isn't it?
Now i'm a huge fan of wearing coloured shoes for your wedding and i'm planning on wearing red for my own - I pretty much grew up wearing red shoes and they've always been my favourite.
For me I guess adding blue into the jewellery might be one of the easiest ways to go - I haven't really thought about jewellery as of yet but I love this necklace - it's very accesorize-esque.
What would be better then going off to your reception - or even on your honeymoon in a vintage blue car?!
So i'm really not sure and i'm not sure what most people do - I guess what adds to the mixture is that red is probably after cream/white is the main colour - because of my shoes being red and i'll be working around that. So I guess it has to be a blue that goes with the vintage bright red you see on the nails and lips of your starlets. 

What would you do, or what for your own wedding day did you do to celebrate the old something blue?


  1. Ohhh I actually love the blue shoes!!! It looks so pretty next to the white! That tattoo idea is pretty cool too! Good luck figuring something out!

    Melanie's Randomness

  2. The white really does set them off doesn't it!

  3. Ohh so that's what the "something borrowed, something blue" thing is. I never understood that saying until now. haha
    I too love the hanky idea. I also LOVE the red shoes idea. And k how funny, when I looked at that last picture, I recognized those mountains straight off so I looked up the source and just like I guessed, it was taken in Utah! (My home state. ) I could recognize those mountains anywhere.

  4. I love the blue shoes! You could also go with blue nail polish (for your toes). Or if it doesn't show through a blue panty! :D

  5. We got married in May this year and I had blue nails. Sounds odd but well our wedding was kinda odd. haha. I always wear bright coloured nail varnish so I figured why should my wedding day be any different. I chose a light blue, Collection 2000 Button Moon to be precise. I'm not saying that you should do it, but it kinda does prove that you can have anything. I even wore blue converse, so I guess I had two lots of something blues. x

  6. I love how it all sounds Katie, your a girl after my own heart getting married in converse too!

  7. I was a Maid of Honor in a friend's wedding, and she had me paint two tiny blue hearts on her big toenail and one little blue heart on each other toenail. They were very cute