Tuesday, 28 June 2011


The [slow] speed of the visa processing as been making us rethink the timing of our honeymoon - that and where we're off to spend our first few days and nights of married life. Going by averages and other peoples experiences, we have a minimum of three months of waiting plus having to work my notice. Gah. This leaves us looking at September/October [hooooopefully] before I can think about moving. Gutted. Unfortunately this would mean sorting out a road tip for November - dark nights and chilly days doesn't open much forgiveness for lazy days outside and tourist season seems to wind down at the start of October.

Plan B or C was required. Do we do B - postpone the honeymoon until next Spring or C - find somewhere else. I guess the attached photograph gives you a bit of a clue ...

To say I wasn't slightly gutted at postponing the honeymoon is an understatement. The planning and the thought of this road trip has been one of my key things in keeping me strong through this visa process. It would be our first holiday in our new life together as Mr & Mrs. I kept thinking if we didn't do the honeymoon as soon as we married we never would. That it wouldn't make the wedding special if we didn't do it straight away.

Plan C was finding somewhere else more city based that still offered us plenty to do if the weather was grey and had things to do of an evening. Chicago's our next big city and at a five hour drive away, makes it reachable for long weekends. So plan C it is - we're off to pop over to tour neighbouring city and splash out on a posh hotel for three nights, enjoy the theatre, some posh restaurants, have afternoon tea, hit some museums and the pier.

Last weeks moment of spoiling ourselves was getting the Rough Guides book to Chicago, it seems so full of maps, information, guides, tours, hotels and restaurants that we could spend weeks in Chicago and not see or experience it all. It looks such a clean city, one mashing old and contemporary so well together.

We  will do our road-trip. - I'll make darn well sure of it, and if anyone has any Chicago suggestions we'd love to hear!


  1. I would suggest leave the road trip 'til spring time when you will be able to enjoy it a lot more and not have to worry about the weather (hopefully!) And like you said, just a weekend away after the wedding so it doesn't feel like you're missing out :) xxx

  2. Cheers Megan. I guess a road trip in November wouldn't be much fun, grey, wet and damp I can imagine especially since we want to stay in cabins it doesn't offer many opportunities to stay outside and eat by the BBQ pits.

  3. you could do a 'minimoon' and a long honeymoon later! that way you get to have a special break after the wedding and a special holiday later! v x

  4. I think you've reached a great compromise there - a lovely few days enjoying Chicago after your wedding and then a road trip to look forward to in the spring! :-)

    Fingers crossed the wheels turn a little speedier on the visa process though!

    Jem xXx

  5. Hehe Victoria I love the term "minimoon" I think that's what we'll have to call Chicago from now on!

  6. Thank you Jem, i'm rather looking forward to it, was a little apprehensive to start because of being so fixed on this road trip idea but I know we'll still do it and we still have Chicago to blow money and be a little crazy in and spoil ourselves. Even the idea of going there on the Amtrak's got me rather excited too!

  7. lovelovelove that you have officially decided on Chicago, the most lovely city in the entire world! And even if it is gray (which, honestly, is very likely) there is so much to do! Since you'll be here for a short amount of time, I won't send you off to any of the little neighborhoods-- but you should at least be sure to spend an afternoon in Lincoln Park-- eat burgers & milkshakes at RJ Grunts, then walk around Lincoln Park Zoo. Also, check out the brunch / lunch / dinner menus on the 96th floor of the John Hancock-- the absolute best views of the entire city-- I'd suggest it by night though.

    You're going to love this city, if you have any further questions or what suggestions you can find my contact info on my blog.

    autumn jordan

  8. I've been to Chicago and I LOVED it!! It really is a beautiful city and there is plenty to do! I am so jealous that you're going there, I would love to visit again. I think you'll have a wonderful time, as it looks gorgeous in the sunshine but grey clouds really don't take away from it. x

  9. Thank you girls and if it is totally grey Hazzlenut then there's always the shops hehe!

    And thank you so much for the ideas Jordan - definitely going to have a good look through them all. I know we've eyed up the 96th floor before - merely for their cocktails. They look so lush and the sites from the top looks fabulous over the city. I think we'll definitely be visiting the city a lot!

  10. Chicago is awesome! There is so much to see and do there!! I will tell you that everything is really high up in the air but its beautiful!!

  11. Chicago's fantastic! So many good things: Longman & Eagle, Lula Cafe, Chicago Botanic Gardens, The Violet Hour, Myopic Books, vintage shopping in Boystown, Rootstock, Navy Pier, the Peggy Notebaert Museum, Chicago History Museum, Spice House . . . I love this town!

  12. I am liking the idea of all the skyscrapers Melanie! They all seem so novel to me seeing we don't really have many where I'm from!

    Thanks for the hints Kelly - i'm off to have a good poke. I think we'll be off to Chicago a fair few weekends - think we might end up considering it as somewhere to settle down. Which is VERY exciting x