Tuesday, 21 June 2011


The Sunday Times and Waterstones have been teaming up for the past couple of weeks offering readers a voucher to acquire books off the Times Contemporary classic list for a mere 99p. I noticed this offer rather late - apparently it's been going every week since mid May (if not earlier). My dad gets this newspaper every Sunday but it even past us by, after seeing a little cardboard display in my local Waterstones I thought I'd make sure I looked out, and grabbed this weeks offer. Each voucher which last a week - comes with the addition of one new book - this weeks its The Wonder Boys but you can backtrack and use your voucher on the older book selection from previous weeks.

I ended up buying The Vagrants by Yiyun Li - a tale set in the late 1970s centring on the execution of a revolutionary girl in communist China and how her death affects her home village. Its not going to be light hearted and does seem a deep but I love books that get you thinking and are set away from the lovely dovey.

Amazon blurb

If there's an end to this offer it's not being published nor are all the details on forth coming books or the "contemporary classic list" they are being picked from but it keeps part of the excitement going! I do love how these offers get you thinking and buying books you might not normally buy and while I am meant to be getting through and decreasing my book collection - I need something new to keep my interest going. Excuses ... excuses ...

Any recommendations for any other good books out there at the moment?

This post was off my own back and hasn't been at the hand or enticement of Waterstones or The Sunday Times - merely me trying to highlight an offer that so nearly passed me by.


  1. Ive missed this offer too, sounds like a good one! Although like you I am meant to be decreasing my book stash too - oh well! Scarlett x

  2. Yeah I've been reading my books like an avid book worm and slightly getting down to the dregs so a new cheap book injection is welcome!

  3. 99p! What a great bargain, I wish I could find a book of that price here:)

    I love reading and re-reading classics such as pride and prejudice and anne of green gables. I want to read I capture the castle next.


  4. I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for new books. Have you read Memoirs of a Geisha? This is my 3rd time suggesting it in about a day. Really good, beautiful book.

  5. Sher - Capture the Castle is one of my favourite all time books - its such a lovely read. Weirdly i've never been able to get into Jane Austin books but I do love work by the Bronte sisters.

    Krysten - I have read Memories and I loved every page - haven't seen the film though, not sure how it holds up against the story?

  6. omgosh you should read lisa see's "a dream of joy" it's the second book to "beautiful girls" they're both good but the 2nd book a dream of joy is about the cultural revolution! i think you'd really enjoy it!

  7. Oo they both do sound good Lisa - i'm going to keep my eye out for them! Thanks for the tip x

  8. Wow this is such a good deal, I wish I could get it :-( I am currently reading along way down by Nick Hornsby which is really good.

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