Wednesday, 27 November 2013

LIFE: Things #2


Ranting so close to Thanksgiving is possibly going against the meaning of the holiday, but as a British expat I feel like i'm somewhat gatecrashing the preceding's anyway. Luckily this installment of things - a look into my rants and loves features the good as much as it does the bad. So here goes!

♥ Cool kids jumping on the Doctor Who wagon being "geeks" for an hour and then going back to being the cool kids. 

♥ Question - can you be a Doctor Who fan without watching any of the classic Doctors? Do all these cool, or even new fans of the Doctor know anything, or take the time to go back, re-watch and explore the original Doctor Who or is it all about the new Doctors (the Smith's the Tennants) and that's it?! Discuss in the comments please!

♥ Talking about geeky shows, mines Star Trek - a new ritual of dark hot chocolate out of my TNG mug while watching the original series has begun oh and starting my Star Trek TNG cross stitch.

♥ Wondering if non Star Trek fans of Big Bang Theory "get" the Star Trek references, guest stars etc?!

♥ Beauty blog posts clogging up the #lbloggers twitter tag - just spam your own category please!

♥ Everything in the apartment breaking at once - from the closet door the AC dial to the toilet ... for which a broken toilet isn't deemed as urgent enough to fix within a day ...

♥ Date night sushi from Noble Fish - (one of THE best places to get made to order sushi in Metro Detroit) - it said so on this list.

♥ Homemade chicken pot pie - your husband going automatically for seconds - sign of a good meal!

♥ Actually gave in and watched the Hunger Games, really didn't get on with the book, film was somewhat better then expected, it's nice when you're proved wrong by a film. 

♥ Drivers who don't use their sodding indicators - like seriously?!

♥ Actually getting a little tearful when you read that they have plans to demolish your fresher year student housing (Ricky Road at Newcastle University).

Share what's been bugging you or what you've been loving too!

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  1. I hear you with the cool kids & Dr Who, although I'm in no way a huge fan I have watched episodes when I was younger with Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy etc but I bet those "geeks" have never heard of them! I hate it when something gets popular & folk jump on the bandwagon!

    As for not indicating, there is nothing that pisses me off more than when you think someone is goin straight ahead and you nearly run into the back of them as they suddenly slow down to turn a corner!!

    I'm enjoying these ranty posts :)

    1. Thank you - and yeah it's like as soon as people pass their test when it comes to driving indicators have no meaning!

  2. Totally with you on the indicator issue...! I like the idea of a ranting blog post, I might copy you :) x

    1. Can't wait to see if you do - love seeing other peoples rants (and good things too) :)

  3. I don't watch Dr Who or Star Trek but you sound like my boyfriend on this topic.. He would love the Star Trek cross stitch!
    I totally agree with the indicators thing, especially as a pedestrian - so annoying when you have no idea which way a driver is planning to go!

    Jess xo

    1. Yeah, and in the US when there's three or four lanes of traffic on the freeway heading the same way, and no one indicating it's your life in your own hands situation!

  4. Love the indicator picture - people who can't be bothered to indicate are my pet hate! It's just common courtesy and the more you do it, the more natural it is to always do it (even at night when there's no cars around).

    Makes you wonder if people who don't indicate are the same people who don't say please or thank you, hold doors open or let elderly people sit down on the bus!

    Sorry, rant over :-) x

    1. Yeah the indicator picture when I saw it on facebook summed up my feelings towards it for a long while. I really don't get the logic behind not doing it to be honest!

  5. I consider myself a Doctor Who fan, and I've seen some of the classic series, but not an awful lot. I think as long as you acknowledge that there is a whole history there, even if you haven't watched any of the old episodes, you can probably call yourself a fan! But people who call themselves geeks without any of the actual geekiness to back it up really irritate me! Wearing a pair of big glasses does not make you a geek! :)