Tuesday, 19 November 2013

LIFE: The Things in Life

It gets to a point were I end up with a lot of things on my mind, things that probably shouldn't bug me but they do. But as they say, better out then in in my vain hope that typing things out will cool me down. But fear not, it's not all negative.

♥ Bloggers apologizing for text and or heavy blog posts, or if they haven't blogged in like two days. You really shouldn't feel like you need to aplogise, it's your blog stick as many darn photographs up as you like.
♥ Since when did perfume and £50+ gifts become stocking fillers?
♥ In fact when did Christmas become all about the gifts - can we have some more crafty, food and more of the Christmas spirit within posts please?!
♥ Talking about Christmas, has there been some huge shift in the UK to explain all the Christmas related blog posts in November coming out of the UK?!
♥ Tornado watches still scare me .. and they aren't even as serious as a tornado warning. 
♥ Filling up my netflix list with period and British dramas and going on Bomb Girl binges (great 1940's Canadian drama). 
♥ Eating far more doughnuts from krispy kreme than one really should
♥ My growing contempt for our apartment complex ....
♥ Being grateful for having a British food section in Meijer - Britishness levels maintained after purchasing more HP sauce. 
♥ Non payers on ebay, seriously don't buy or bid on things if you don't have the money.
♥ Unfollowers.me for twitter is highly addictive and perhaps a little stalker like, it also is making me angry at those who opt to follow you and then unfollow you within a couple of days if you don't follow back. Yeah I know what your after really ...
♥ Oh and when people who thought were okay with you and you notice them unfollowing you too ...
♥ Endless Modern Family reruns for hours. 
♥ Falling for Taco Bell advertising of the Triple Steak (well I opted for chicken) stack ... tasty.
♥ Remembering pork pies and sausage rolls exist and living with huge cravings for them.
♥ And finally winter means clementine season, which means tastiness!

What things are you loving or are bugging you?


  1. I'm so glad you mentioned this weird trend of thinking £50+ gifts are stocking fillers. It's ridiculous. People spend way too much on Christmas when it's really more about family time to me.

    I'm feeling particularly annoyed at a friend of mine who I am meant to be seeing tomorrow suddenly asking to change time and location of out meet up. Honestly, don't know if I can be bothered with the hassle. I am trying to feel a little positive about starting my little business properly in the new year and potentially having a teeny tiny wedding next summer!

    Debi x

    1. I don't cope too well with last minute changes in plans either, and I know what you mean about Christmas, some of the "stocking fillers" are ridiculously overpriced!

    2. I completely agree about the £50 'stocking filler' wishlist ideas - if I put one of those on my list, that'd be all I'd ask for, my fam are not millionaires! And on the same vein, I'd also like more crafty/cooking posts related to Christmas - my fave things about the festive season are all the family and friend get togethers, and it'd be great to have some inspiration for activities to do as a group or for gifts to homemake, precisely BECAUSE 'store based' wishlists are getting way too costly!

      Great post, definitely some food for thought. Bet it felt good to get it all out!

      Sarah Elizabeth xx

    3. A LOT better for getting it all out. It was actually Joe that really noticed and started to make me wonder why the UK was all head long into Christmas as soon as November came around - I never remembered it being like that.

      Perhaps it's because I'm a working class girl that I never put stuff like that on my list, ever. I never asked for things I knew I'd never get.

      Hopefully the only main Christmas posts i'll be doing are Christmas ones, they are the things I enjoy reading the most!

  2. Stocking filler gifts are a £1 in our house!! And we always include a clementine!

  3. Completely agree about the stocking fillers! They should be exactly that - a filler - something small that'd be fun to receive, the sort of thing that'll make the person smile (like their favourite chocolate bar or a silly notepad). At least that's how we've always done it in my house, we definitely don't go anywhere near £50 presents!
    I must admit as well, I'm guilty of checking who.unfollowed.me everytime my count changes - you're right, it is addictive! :-) x

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