Monday, 11 November 2013


Cooke Dam Cooke Dam Cooke Dam Cooke Dam Cooke Dam

Sometimes you come across places on your travels that you half want to tell the blogging world about because they are so beautiful, and the other half of you wants to keep the place your little secret. To me Cooke Dam is one of those places. I wasn't expecting much when we headed off the scenic drive to follow the sign posts to the dam, I wasn't expecting such a huge lake, the water just this most amazing deep blue, the surface as still as glass reflecting the incredible reds, yellows and remaining green leaves of autumn. Cooke Dam impressed me, a lot. 

As the first of six hydroplants along the Au Sable River, Cooke Dam began operating in 1911 and still does to this day. While some houses may back onto the lake, the area is amazingly tranquil and still.

Where's your favorite tranquil place?


  1. This place looks beautiful. I haven't really discovered my favorite tranquil place.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  2. Just wow, what a beautiful place. :)

  3. It looks exactly like Minnesota ! wow ! :DDD
    Beautiful pictures btw