Monday, 16 March 2015

CREATIVE: That Time Optimus Prime Nearly Beat Me


Sometimes cross stitch pieces can teach you things even after 20 years of stitching. That cream isn't the best background colour. That said cream thread shows up your cats fur so bad. That freehand back stitch is harder than I thought. That and Optimus Prime was nearly the death of this cross stitch piece. 

And you really can't say that too often. 

The design is actually one I came across through Jucie Lucie's blog (via Pinterest). Originally designed to be crocheted into squares but the pattern was basic enough to be converted into cross stitch. The tricky part came with adding the details that comes with back stitching, which I basically made up as I went along. Optimus Prime's face being a right royal annoyance. He looked, at one point, more evil Decepticon than earths savior (he's the third square down on the far left).

Optimus Prime

It really wasn't all prime at that point.

I have to be honest in confessing there was times I really disliked stitching this piece. It probably wasn't until half way through the tables started to turn I actually started liking it. The cream background wasn't my wisest idea - mainly for how much it shows cats fur, my hair, basically anything, to how lighter colours seem to make my stitches appear less neat.


I could say my interest in stitching this piece was through Joe's love for Transformers (the toys, the cartons - we won't mention the films urgh). But lets be honest here, I have a fair high level of enjoyment watching Transformers Prime and now with Robots in Disguise. So while it's finding it's place on the wall of our record room come Transformers hang out, it's for the both of us to the point where I already have another Transformers piece lined up to stitch.

Optimus & Bumblebee

Plus, getting to play around with the Transformers while taking these photographs, that was pretty fun too. And yes, yes, if you're a Transformers geek you'll be well aware that the design is one based upon G1 Transformers for which we don't have any toy lines, so please excuse the other universe lines of Transformers. Ahem.

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