Monday, 30 March 2015

CREATIVE: That Time I Turned Us into Cross Stitch Figures

Stitch Characters

Like everything, there's trends in cross stitch, be is subversion lines that would make your grandma blush to turning your family into cross stitch characters. While I'm not much of a fan of the former, I can get behind anything to remember and mark me and my little world. 

Etsy will get you spending all your pennies getting someone to design and stitch yourself a piece. But being the crafter I am, I'm more than happy spending the time, researching and working on a piece myself. Luckily I came across this great (and free) resource from Martha Stewart on stitching a family portrait which comes with a great selection of male & female figures, hair styles, face shapes to accessories. If you want an easy go to guide - I can't sing it's praises even more if I tried.

Stitch Characters

So what did I stitch? My little fur ball family and that special man of mine. There's me with my glasses, you'll always pretty much find me in my jeans and some form of boots on my feet, with my Teeny Tiny Smokey beside me and our other fur ball Ed, sits beside Joe. These photographs technically don't show the finished piece as I back stitched our surname underneath our feet, but for ya know, internet safety I'm keeping that name to myself!

I stitched it all up in an afternoon, it was that easy and straight forward and it makes a perfect reminder and marker of our life here in 2015.
Stitch Characters

What have you been crafting lately?

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