Thursday, 5 March 2015

FOOD: Pizza, Detroit Style

Americans love pizza - on any given day, 13% of the country will eat a slice (or five). Whether it's eating a deep dish in Chicago, a couple of slices of Hawaiian or perhaps a New York style pizza, there's a pizza style and topping for everyone. 

But little did I know there's even a Detroit style pizza, apparently I've been eating one for a while and just didn't know it. Sounds about right for me. But what makes a pizza a "Detroit pizza"? Well start off with cooking it in a deep square pan, it doesn't even have to be a pizza pan - it's probably better if it's not. It'll be a delicious thick, deep dish and your toppings will typically go pepperoni, cheese, everything else and finally topped off with your marinade. 

Historically it's Sicilian pizza style came out of what's still known as Buddy's pizza back in the mid 1940's. As cooks came and went variations began cropping up across the metro region. Then as Michiganders moved around, they took the recipes with them to be point of being able to find and eat a Detroit style pizza in Florida to Nevada and California. Buddy's has even inspired the chains spinning off their own take - Jets, Little Caesars, Happy's - yeap all inspired by the Detroit style.

Don't say you don't ever learn anything from my rambles!


While we may not have tried the place everything Detroit Pizza originated from, we did try Loui's Pizza in Hazel Park, a place that often comes on or near the top rankings, certainly award winning when it comes to pizzerias in the area. It was founded by a former chef of Buddy's so it's no surprise the Detroit style of pizza left with him. Louis itself feels a little untouched by time - as if often the case in Hazel Park, it's old school, it's not fancy - the plastic plates see to that. But it sicks to what it knows and does it very well. 

Service was great, if all be it a little slow but they were packed to the rafters and they sure make their cocktails strong. As for the pizza (we ordered a cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions & green pepper) - perfectly crusty around the edges, a little charred but in a good way and basically pretty delicious.

You could say I'm a bit of a fan of this Detroit pizza malarkey.

Fancy a slice? You'll find Loui's Pizza at;
23141 Dequindre,
Hazel Park, MI

What's your favorite pizza style or topping?! Come make me hungry and share them in the comments!

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