Monday, 9 March 2015

LIFE: 30 Before 30 Progress

Being nearly six months into my 30 before 30 challenge I thought it was about time I checked in with myself and seen how things were ticking along. Or not as they case may be. I have to admit that the colder months have halted things a little especially garden and getting out wise, but things are coming along, if not slowly.

Everything is still a work in progress, but here goes;

1. do a 365 photo a day challenge
while I've never marked my photographs I share on instgram as a specific photo a day, I have managed 99% of the time since then to share at least one photo daily on there since October 1, 2014, give or take one day.

10. learn to drive
while I haven't learnt just yet, I did take to the wheel the other week for the first time ever. Yes it really did take me until the age of 28 to get behind the wheel. I haven't taken to it like a duck to water and i'm really not sure how you're meant to be able to focus on the road while checking your mirrors and remembering everything else. I'm not really sure I even have what it takes to complete this because basically it's scaring the shit out of me. 

12. read Gone With the Wind
as with many things on this list, this is currently on going, I've managed a good 600 of the 1000 pages but I took a little break and it's been hard picking it back up. Mainly because I stuck at doing other hobbies when I get my head set in full cross stitching mode.


16. try 10 new (to me) whiskey's
Reviews for this will be sure to follow (when I get around to it - with help that's to finding out about the 33 series of notebooks) but so far I've drank down some great new whiskey's - a Templeton, Redemption and High West Whiskey. All rye whiskey's all great in different ways. 

22. embrace a more organic/green living lifestyle
I'm not sure how I ever intended to measure this, we've certainly been eating more organic veg (this will increase when we get our veg plot going) but as I reorder more beauty things - hand creams, hair products, body things etc I've been checking out and ordering more organic, natural based products and finding some great things along the way. 

23. try at least one new recipe a month
Loving this little challenge and it's encouraging me to go through my vintage cookbook collection and try out some new things or just trying out basics that I've never tried before. In no particular order they have included an orange & sultana tray-bake, Victoria sponge, apple, raisin & carrot cake (recipe here), sweet potato stew (recipe link) and a raspberry loaf (recipe here), not forgetting that old spice cake (recipe here).

25. add 10 new pieces to my embroidery hoop wall
One down nine to go with the Gone With the Wind inspired quote piece that's now hanging up in my office (where the embroidery hoop collection now found a new home). My stitching has been focused a lot on the stitch along but I have plans in progress for another state blackwork piece (started) and a Detroit design for starters. 

28. add 20 new vintage powder compacts to my collection
Thanks to Joe treating me to three at Christmas, this part of the challenge has it's starting legs at least!

29. successfully grow a plant from a cutting
Done! It's just not planted in the garden. I took three cuttings from a Sedum plant (which butterflies and bees love by the way and is often considered the easiest thing to grow a cutting from) from our garden and the cuttings have been taken root on my kitchen window still for god knows how many months. Just waiting for it to be spring and they can get planted out and I'll properly blog about it. Unless they die in the mean time and that'll be a right pain.

Considering I have until the end of September 2016 I guess i'm on the right track at least!

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