Friday, 24 April 2015

CREATIVE: Pennsylvania Blackwork Map


While i'm partial to collecting the odd vintage compact, postcard or magnet from my travels, i'm also trying to find a crafty way to mark each and every US state I manage to visit. Early last year I decided to stitch a blackwork piece of each state in turn, starting with the land I now call home, that of the Mitten state - Michigan (seen here). Early in March, I thought it was high time I got around to stitching another, this time the Keystone State - Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania is Joe's home state and happens to be (if we're not counting passing through Ohio) the state I've spent the most time in after the Mitten State. Driving along the turnpike into Pittsburgh in parts it reminds me of the English countryside - it's lovely and hilly (something lacking in my corner of the world), green, full of trees and rivers. So many rivers.


Two states down, three to go.

Next up, Illinois!

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