Monday, 27 April 2015


Magnolia Magnolia Magnolia Magnolia Magnolia Magnolia

With it's cup and saucer shaped flowers, Magnolia trees make those blue skies all that deeper. Their large showy flowers of pinks, whites and maroons shine out against the deep spring blue skies. Those first signs of the pinky white tips peeking out echo the lighter nights, the added spring warmth to the air. Their branches, heavy under the weight of blossom also become the perching ground for Floppy - my broken tailed squirrel and his companions, my feathered sparrow friends and sometimes the delightful Cardinal and his wife who's red plumage stands out all the more against the blossom backdrop. This Magnolia tree which stands proud in our front garden right before my office come craft room, the established rows of raspberry bushes that fill up my back garden for starters, we did well with our house and having all this nature and wildlife outside my door, this makes me one happy girl. 

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