Thursday, 9 April 2015

FOOD: The CSA Cookbook


If there's one thing i'm looking forward to this year it's getting my fingers dirty and starting off my veg patch. But what's daunting is what to do with all the veggie goodness that the earth gives up. Let me be honest here, i'm not the biggest vegetable fan, I should be, I want to be, but I need help. I need inspiration. I need recipes that get me thinking outside the box, that liven them up a little. Luckily there's a new cookbook that, if you're anything like me, will get you rethinking, gets you creating and gets you working in your garden and kitchen. 

The CSA Cookbook by Linda Ly offers over 100 seasonal and globally inspired recipes for vegetables whether you receive a community supported agricultural project, you pop to your farmers market or you're growing them yourself. And if you're not doing any of these, then this cookbook might get you curious enough to start. 


Recipes are no waste, so they'll challenge you to using all parts of the plant parts you might otherwise throw away - from the leaves, to the flowers and seeds. As Ly states, the CSA Cookbook is all about celebrating "the art of using the whole vegetable in your day-to-day cooking" (page 15). And that is something I can get behind!

Drawing on her own experience homesteading on the California Coast and celebrating the good life, Linda Ly is also the author behind the award winning blog Garden Betty (which is awesome btw!). Recognized by HGTV and Country Living, Ly provides a down to earth, hands on approach to thinking creatively. The CSA Cookbook shines with her personality, her creative approach in a way that's approachable and inspirational. 

Recipes are presented clearly with vegetables you're more than likely to find in produce boxes or ones you might have growing in your vegetable patch. Additional ingredients are ones you'll most likely already have, or they are easiest enough to come by which is always a winner when i'm hunting for recipe inspiration. With gorgeous photography throughout, you'll be drooling as you flick though, bookmarking the recipes as you go. I certainly have my eye on the herb infused vinegar's.


This cookbook will certainly be a big inspiration and help in getting my vegetable fix that's for sure!

I was provided the CSA Cookbook for review purposes, all thoughts as ever, are my own. 

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