Monday, 6 April 2015

LIFE: Ongoing


Sometimes you have to take a step back and refresh a little. Which was exactly what I ended up doing with this blog last week. I tend to over think, over work, and over spend time on the internet, so a break was somewhat required. To top it all off, I came down with the comparing my blog to others sickness which was a major mojo killer. I'm more than happy to admit, I struggle with this blog, I struggle with wondering why after five years, I still can't get followers, makes you question what you share, if my life is worth sharing. Blah blah, most of the rest of the time I don't really mind that i'm old before my time, that i'm not really down with the kids, that I'm not into having the most hip thing, but sometimes ...

But anyhow. A couple of adult milkshakes (Irish Beer from Red Robin - delicious btw), a tasty burger and lots of kitty purrs and an awesome thrifty shop in the Salvos, cheered me up over the weekend. So I thought i'd return with a random things update, some thoughts, some happenings.

Like how anime knows how to make opening and closing songs that stick in your head for days ...

That in playing City Skylines, I just have no hope for people claiming they are sick when they live RIGHT NEXT to a hospital/medical clinic, I just ...

How I've become one of those people that walk around their garden every day to try and spot a new flower poking through

That I play Maximo Park on repeat just to hear people sing in familiar northern accents, well not just to hear that, because they are one of my favorite bands. Then I realised I've been listening to them for 11 years and that sometimes makes me feel old.

Speaking of music, that white marble effect vinyl looks like dirty finger prints, but that it's pretty darm awesome (i'm speaking about the Massive Attack Remix vinyl in case your wondering)

About how I filled up another four bags of garden waste and how sprouting sunflowers are taking over my garden window in the kitchen

That ordering Yorkshire tea has to be a major highlight of last week, that and some No7 and Rimmel stuff, yey for British brands

Of how Dave's Sweet Tooth Toffee (a Michigan made brand) is just mighty mighty fine

Making the most of the free Easter weekend on the Ancestry and, other than the family mystery, finding out you come from a long line of Yorkshire farmers and domestic servants.

Seeing images of the Yorkshire Wolds (my former part of the homeland) on a history show and just seeing fields after fields, that feels a LONG way from the burbs of Detroit 

That Michigan weather being all over the place - thunderstorms, rain showers, snow showers, sunny days doesn't help my mind in settling

So that's been my week.

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