Monday, 17 August 2015

DETROIT: University District

University District

I have to admit, I do love a poke around residence streets across America. The older the better. Maybe it's because of how you'll come across a variety of styles along any street, from English Tudor, Queen Anne, throw in a Georgian style neighbor and perhaps something more contemporary into the mix. Perhaps it's the mature trees lining the streets. Or the lack of fences and hedges that are all too common in England. 

You might remember my wander around Bay City's Central Avenue Historic District, which after having a drive to an estate sale over the weekend to Detroit's University District, I thought I'd do the same. Because a) pretty houses and b) they probably aren't the images of houses you have in your head when you think Detroit.

University District University District

Anyway ...

As you might have guessed, the area gets it's name from it's neighbor on it's southern most edge - University of Detroit Mercy (actually the university Joe attended) but it's also bordered by 7 mile, Palmer Park over to Livernois. Most of the district's housing stock was built during America's "golden age of housing" (1925 - 1930 & 1937 - 1941) - a period with lots of old world craftsmen, new building technologies and cheap supplies. Think large family homes of the owners, managers and partners of Detroit's businesses with four to six bedrooms, big basements, tiling, hardwood floors and you get the idea.

University District University District

I admit, I just love the style of the American home of this era I will be honest. I've been having major house and font yard envy over the above house in fact. Ignoring the old electrics, and plumbing and probably how cold they are, I wouldn't half mind living in one myself. But any house, like the one below with a turret is a winner in my book.
University District

Love a good turret!

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