Monday, 10 August 2015

VINTAGE: Smart Underthings, 1922

Recently I came across a stack of well loved and used vintage crochet pattern booklets mostly from the 1910's and 1920's. I pounced on them. They were only $1 each after all. There's a number of reasons why I love them - their colouring, their designs, they give a peek into the crafts of nearly 100 years ago, but it's what people wore and what people made. 

But they are far too beautiful not to share, so I'm lining up a couple of posts to let everyone get a quick glimpse inside their pages. First up is one from Clark's - this pattern book Smart Underthings - a collection of patterns for crocheted yokes, edgings for your nightgowns, camisoles and boudoir caps. Published in 1922 it has seen better days but hey it's 93 years old. Clark pattern books from this era have this gorgeous blue tint to their photography, and the ladies and patterns, well they are all just wonderful.

Smart Underthings Smart Underthings
Week-End Set For The Youthful Matron

Smart Underthings
The Sunflower Camisole // The Cosmos Camisole

Smart Underthings
Trousseau Set With Fine Crochet

Smart Underthings
Lazy-Daisy Step-In // The Marguerite Smock

Smart Underthings
Dainty Set For A Young Girl

Smart Underthings
Camisole With Star Banding // The Helene Camisole

Pretty huh and nearly too pretty just for the bedroom!

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