Friday, 14 August 2015

LIFE: Small Things

Yesterday in particular has reminded me just how quickly time flies. Not only did Thursday mark ten years since receiving my A Level results (and then me leaving to go to university a couple of months later) but also five years since I first tried sushi. Because Joe was over on a visit. Little did I know what he'd start with me trying sushi. Favourite! Anyway, I broke the special things happening every five years on that date and just wandered to the Post Office which, wasn't very life changing. 

But otherwise, other small happy things!
  • Oreo frappes 
  • Joining the local library finally
  • Which lead to reading Amy Poehler's Yes Please! and loving every page
  • Drawing and redrawing ideas for a Detroit themed cross stitch piece again finally
  • Getting my DIY on - I'm waterproofing the basement ...  oh the glamour
  • Stocking up on 19c notebooks that I don't really need but hey, it's back to school time and they are cheap and ... yeah
  • Free listings on eBay, because I can never have enough of those
  • Nutella milkshakes from Steak n Shake - DELICIOUS! 
  • Being cat stalked
  • Stitching myself a new bookmark from a 25c kit I picked up at an estate sale the other week - new bookmark for a new book love
  • Having kitchen cupboards filled with paper bags in my attempt to dry coriander and sunflower seeds ... key word being attempting 
  • Peppermint tea - nom!

Happy things, happy list, what have been your happy things?

Also if you have any recommendations for quirky, funny, historical book - fiction or otherwise, I'm all ears!

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