Friday, 26 September 2014

LIFE: Lebister // Travel Q's // Tags


Over the last couple of weeks I've been was tagged in a couple of tag posts, so I thought i'd lump them together and use them as an opportunity for you to learn a little bit more about me. 

First up, Danielle over at ChicaDeeDee (another excellent expat blog if you enjoy hearing about worldly adventures) tagged me in the lebister award, I love how these questions are travel based and a little different from the norm that people tend to come up with this tag, so I thought why not.

1 // who or what has inspired you to travel?
my granddad always wanted to emigrate to Australia in the 1950's but never got the opportunity (I actually have a post about this kicking around somewhere, probably should post it hmm). Knowing this, and knowing how similar we are, I guess has particularly fueled a fire in me. That and just my need to get out of the rural going nowhere fast town I grew up. Granted I don't get to do lots of traveling, but i love local exploration, that's something that often gets overlooked. And actually growing up in a small, rural town where everyone knows your business and everyone seems a little on the small minded side, that in and of itself is a big reason to just get out and explore the wider world.

2 // backpack or suitcase?
backpack - I don't really have much luck with suitcases. The day before I left for Heathrow to catch my flight to Detroit the wheels broke off my suitcase which lead to a last minute run to York for a new one. And then generally I just loose things in them. 

3 // song that epitomizes travel for you?
err I actually don't think I have a song(s) for travel, anything by Maximo Park reminds me of my running away to university days and anything from I Am Arrows/Andy Burrows just takes me back to the whole starting the visa journey process.

Cliffods Tower

4 // what period of time would you most like to visit?
1930's America - while it was the era of the depression, it was the era of my favorite movie stars, fashion and authors. To have the chance to see what Detroit was like in its heyday with all the hotels and theaters, that would have been amazing. It was that era that got me into my love for vintage treasures after all.

5 // what's the strangest food you really want to try?
I can't think up anything strange as such. I would love to try lots of southern foods, proper Cajun dishes, because of which I'd love to visit New Orleans. 

6 // beach, mountain or jungle?
pass and opt for a city? I have terrible problems just sitting all day on a beach and not doing anything and i'm probably not fit enough for a mountain. As for a jungle, I'd get eaten alive, hell I get eaten alive in my own garden. 

7 // what is your best piece of travel advice?
actually something I blogged about earlier this year - eating in the local places rather than the chains. best way to find the local dishes and flavors for a great price.


8 // how do you like to unwind after a day on the road?
If we're traveling, and only done this once mind, but I did enjoy the little motel room we got in Mackinac City with a hot tub, I could get use to that. Otherwise, or at least normally curling up in bed with the TV remote, or if I'm home kitty snuggles and kitty purrs. Kitty purrs are magic.

9 // if you had a superpower, what would it be?
time travel - both back and forwards in time

10 // what do you feel has been your biggest achievement in life so far?
because I'm right on the verge of finally paying it off, my Sociology Masters. Being the first in my family to complete a degree, yet alone an MA personally it's a big achievement. I was the working class girl that got into a good university who managed to prove herself wrong twice with grades. The year was a challenge and pushed me so much that I learnt a lot about the world, sociology (which is probably a good thing seeing that was the course) but about myself.

I was also tagged in the one lovely blog away by Jessica (highly recommend her blog The Pyreflies) so I thought i'd throw everything all together here and share seven random facts.

7 Random Facts
Seeing Razorlight back in 2005 was my first ever concert
If I was born a boy, I was going to be named Richard
I was a tomboy growing up
People spelling my name wrong is a huge pet peeve
I believe in past lives
I'm allergic to amoxicillin
So far I've visited five US states

Told you they would be random ...

Seeing it's a Friday, lets have some fun - come share a random fact in the comment box!


  1. Good way to get around the tag/award posts.... I'm so weird about them, I think yeah maybe I'll do it and then I take ages to mull it over before doing it.

    Local travel is always overlooked, I like to popping out and exploring around. It's usually easy, cheap and you don't have to take a suitcase :) It's some of my favourite kind of exploring. I do like the mountains and the jungle, but I have more opportunities to explore cities so I love them too :)

    I haven't listened to Razorlight in such a long time! *goes off to listen*

    1. Razorlight suck these days, so I listen to all the Andy Burrows solo stuff (he use to be the drummer). I use to love that band so very much. Not that the band is really the same band any more, all they have is the lead singer and his ego. URGH.

      Those were the days .... I think I'd be awful in the jungle, too many creepy crawlies for my liking!

  2. My random fact... (because I forgot)... every time I mention you on my blog I worry that I will spell your name wrong and come back here to check, every time.

  3. I love all your travelling posts especially because you embrace the city and don't go the usual routes. The advice with eating at a local place is a great one! Chains you find everywhere, so why not try something new and authentic?

    My random fact is that this year I discovered licorice candies and I can't believed I lived 22 years without them!

    1. Oo licorice, so reminds me of my dad, he loves the stuff. I use to try it as a kid and hate it, I would if it's more of a thing for adult taste buds?!

  4. A random fact is that my dog's brother was a TV star :)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. Now that's a claim to fame! I like!

  5. Oh my I would totally get eaten alive in a jungle too! And time travel would be sooo cool! I'm not sure what era I would go back too... I've always wanted to know what it was like without internet/tv so probably an era without that stuff.

    I have a friend who spells her name RachEal... and you spell it RachAel so at first I was getting so darn confused... now when I think of her I think of an ear (LOL) so I remember she is EA and you AE like the TV network...haha


    1. Haha it's funny how everyone is bringing up my name here and I like how you remember the differences between the pair of us!

      I'm actually named after and English female cricketer, so the tale goes. And the spelling is apparently the old fashioned way but who knows! I was in the same class as another Rachel (who slept it the other way) teachers would always be so confused which of us had it which way. It actually didn't really bug me growing up, but since going to university, it's become such a pet peeve with me lol.

  6. What a fun post!
    1) I would totally join you to visit the 1930s - such an incredible time, from shows to fashion to needing to be as resourceful as possible!
    2) My first ever concert was a Beatles Tribute Band when I was 8...I thought I was sooo cool because I was at a concert!
    3) Random Fact: I was almost named Beth but my parents thought it would be too confusing with my brother being "Ben"!
    ~ Samantha

    1. Oh you can't get away from those Beatles Tribute Bands - they are everywhere!

      I love hearing what other people might have been named, especially when you can't imagine someone being named someone else. My parents thought about Lydia for a while and all though high school, I wish that had of been my name. I'm still rather attached to that other name I will admit.

  7. Thanks for answering! I liked this tag because it was a bit different. going back to the 1930's would be pretty cool

  8. Great post! I've always wanted to travel to far away places, and when I was younger I just knew I would end up moving to a far away unknown city.. I don't know what happened but I ended up moving a block away from my mom's house, hahaha.