Friday, 15 May 2015

CREATIVE: A Garden Party Stitch Along #4


With April passing us by, I'm a third way through the year of joining in with the stitch along with Cross Stitch Magazine.

Bar some of the backstitching, most of the first two (middle section pieces) are complete - yey. So we can finally see the house and a couple of the guests. The chart has be now moving to the left of the page where some more guests, some servants and children feature. 


I've been aiming to complete half a page every month (which doesn't sound a lot but there's a lot of detail going on) and luckily I'm a bit ahead of schedule which has given me the chance to focus on some smaller projects like the Pennsylvania blackwork and my London scene. Working on such a large design has been a bit of a challenge, sometimes I think of all the other designs I could be stitching with all the time it's taking, but then I see it and I love how it's all coming together.

Although saying that I really need to redo the lips of the lady in the blue dress, she's got some really bad trout pout going on ...

Anyway ...

The design still remains the biggest and most challenging cross stitch design I've ever worked one and even with twenty years of stitching under my belt I think it's helping me learn to be a better stitcher. My stitches I've noticed have become a lot neater, I'm becoming even more careful about having a neat reverse side, the importance of balancing time with this, life and other projects, battling the guilt when I'm not working on this and working on other cross stitchy things ...

Progress - January, February, March through April 2015

I'd love to hear what you've been working on, crafty or otherwise!

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