Wednesday, 6 May 2015

LIFE: May Days & The Need to Disconnect

Daffs London Blossom

Spring days hitting the dizzy heights of British summers, windows thrown wide open and hearing dawn chorus. Blossom is falling, fluttering to the grass as confetti to be replaced by the buds of the green leaves and yard sale signs mark the ends of streets. Warmer afternoons have led to pottering around in the garden, topping up the bird baths, hearing the children playing in the park as I add a couple of stitches to my latest cross stitch project whether that's a Michigan lighthouse or a colourful London scene. 

Sunnier days make it harder for me to find the energy to sit inside at a computer screen and type. While with all modern technology at hand I could merge the two, yet I enjoy having that time away from the computer even if it's only for a couple of hours. Sometimes I think we all get caught up a little too much in constantly being online, especially with blogging. There's always the need to be on. It's taken me to having a garden, a space outside again to remember the importance and that need to disconnect.

What do you do to disconnect?

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