Monday, 25 May 2015

LIFE: Photo An Hour May 2015

May's photo an hour challenge rolled around this weekend and I managed to join in for the most part. This weekend also happens to be Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day is a federal holiday here in the US for remembering those who have fallen serving in the countries armed forces. It's a weekend of lots of local activities - fun fairs, parades, people getting together having BBQs and marks the first big weekend for people travelling and spending time away.


9 am // weekend days start the same as any other - topping off any or all of the three bird feeders we have around our garden front and back. A couple of weeks ago we decided to buy a more "premium" blend - more fruity and nutty and it's certainly paying off (at least in the back garden) with the new bird species that seem to be passing through more often.

10 am // out in the garden watering the veg patch and I noticed in the border that is home to all my poppies that seem to have been on the edge of blooming for the last couple of weeks. Luckily the frosty nights of the last week haven't scared them off and the first poppy bloomed. 


11 am // driving around for estate sales we hit the end of the Memorial Day Parade in our old stomping ground of Madison Heights while attempting to get across John R for the post office. We decided to watch the end of the parade and caught a glimpse of this rather pretty old car (although in the Motor City old cars are ten penny but I rather like this colour scheme). 

12 pm // came home via our cities local community centre which was having a craft (not so much crafty things there) and bake sale again over the Memorial Day weekend. The food was all too tempting so we stocked up on home-made plum jam, zucchini bread, fudge and carrot cake. Nom indeed! 


1 pm // I decided to take my work outside and work on the deck when I noticed the first Iris had bloomed. Strangely enough in the same border as the poppies. In the couple of hours we were out for estate sales, it had sprung to life.

2 pm // work being organising all today's purchases including a great pile of 1930's and 1940's crochet edging pattern booklets. Hopefully I'll find them some loving new homes. 


3 pm // working on the final back stitching piece of my shed themed cross stitch design I've been working on the last couple of weeks. I love how colourful this design has been to work on. 

4 pm // getting in a sequin and beady kind of mess. I'm not the most logical or organisational kind of gal, but seeing them all messed up in a craft box I picked up for like 50c, calls for organisation. I've been eyeing up a cross stitch that using sequins so this'll come in handy. 


5 pm // well basically 5 through 10pm was spent at a friends house having a BBQ. A lack of phone signal strong enough to update, too much yummy food to ignore and basically lots of chatting and photo an hour kinda fell out the window. I donno, too many pictures in such circumstances seems rude to me so I called it a day there. 

Memorial Day weekend marks pretty much the start of summer. Hopefully the end of frost warnings, getting out to more estate sales and enjoying the outside a little more. 

How was your weekend?

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