Monday, 4 May 2015

SNAPSHOTS: Skyscrapers & Riverwalks

Ren Cen Ren Cen Ren Cen Riverwalk Riverwalk

From whatever approach you comes to Detroit, be it road, rail or boat, there's one sure beacon you'll be able to spot - the Renaissance Center. Maybe you'll catch the blinding sunlight reflecting off it's windows, or the glow of it's changing colours at night, sometimes it's lost in the fog. Either way it'll catch your eye. 

The Ren Cen as we like to call it around here is not only the tallest building in Michigan, it's the headquarters of General Motors and the central, tallest tower is the worlds 3rd tallest all-hotel skyscraper in the western hemisphere, oh and the restaurant use to rotate. It's pretty darn impressive and you're sure to feel your neck ache as you lean your head back and try and take it all in. 

Construction began back in 1971, primarily financed by Henry Ford II as a project with intention to breath some life into Detroit's flaking economy. Today in 2015 you might say Detroit's economy is still a bit flaky, but improving and the Ren Cen still stands proudly over the city and it's riverfront. It fact it's a riverfront it shares with our neighbour Canada. 

The riverfront is the perfect place to stretch your legs, currently running 5 1/2 miles (and growing) a couple of hours along the riverwalk (first blogged about way back in April 2012) will entice you with a visit to two state parks (Belle Isle and the William G. Milliken State Park & Harbor), a dock, a popular bike trail, passing the Rec Cen, Hart Plaza to the international Ambassador Bridge.

I tell ya, it's a fun time to be in these parts.

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