Wednesday, 27 May 2015

GREEN FINGERS: Recent Garden Happenings

Garden Daffodil

The last couple of weeks, hotter days and a couple of heavy showers and the garden has sprung to life. So much life I'm behind blogging it all. As much with weedy life too as it is with flowers. But that's neither here nor there. I've fallen in love with the late flowering Original Poets Daffodils (shown above) which have the most delightful scent to match that charming red tint around it's trumpet. 

Shopping lists for spring bulbs 2016 are being penned out. More crocuses, more daffodils, even more colour. Bulbs to replace all but one of the tulips that my fuzzy squirrel friends enjoy dead-heading before they have a chance to bloom. Only one pictured below, survived long enough to flower. Do they bother with the neighbours tulips?! Nope, no, just mine. Damn it. 

Poppy Garden

My eye for capturing all blossom of Magnolia has been replaced by the deep purples of the Lilac tree. Another border is home to all my inherited poppies, all furry and promising those eye catching bright reds and oranges. More inherited unknown plants have finally been named, peonies and Irises both hanging on the edge of flowery promise. Everything that got a very thorough pruning - the roses in particular are seeming all the better for it, I'm just hoping they gift me with some flowers this year. 

Veg Patch Rhubarb Veg Patch

But all the main exciting events, for this time at least has been occurring down the end of the garden, hidden away in the veg patch. After Flower Day shopping haul from the Eastern Market our plot is full to the brim with goodies. Home made trellises were constructed for the zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, Serrano peppers and cucumbers. We have a patch of strawberries and inherited raspberries with a rhubarb edition, lettuces and radishes. A small herb collection of basil, coriander and chives, the odd sweet potato plant and carrots fill out the remainder of the space. While I've already called time of death on the onion seeds, I have great hopes for everything else.

We've even had a few new and interesting feathered visitors too - regular Blue Jays and another Woodpecker variety, some fluttery butterflies passing through and a fair few bees. It's all turning very exciting even if the weather isn't fully cooperating with highs and lows everywhere between the 30's and 80's. I've had this garden nearly 11 months and after finding some of the original photographs when we moved in, it's great to see how it's all coming together although as soon as I finish off a garden post, with all the new flowers coming to bloom daily, it's already behind the times.

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