Friday, 8 May 2015



Tell an American you're from the UK and they always think you're from London. But no, this Yorkshire lass was born and raised 200 miles north in East Yorkshire, the home of green fields, seaside's and flat caps. Even so I've had a couple of trips to London in my time - from my first big city trip aged 15 (a big deal when you're a country lass), art trips for A-Levels to meeting friends and all my visa related travels through 2011. 

When you think British you, me, we typically think London things rightly or wrong from the red bus to the Clock Tower (aka Big Ben). And while I am a Yorkshire lass thorough 'n' thorough, London scenes remind me of the homeland. So when I was reading through the May issue of Cross Stitch Crazy (issue 202) and came across this design I knew it was one I had to get on my wall. 


If you're familiar with either Etsy or modern cross stitch you might be familiar with Satsuma Street designs - colourful designs of world cities highlighting their famous places. Judy Rice the designer behind Satsuma Street created three postcard sized designs for the magazine of which this London scene is one - the others are for New York and Paris.

Working on the big Stitch Along I welcome smaller quick projects for their sense of accompaniment but also for being able to stitch from my stash and use up some of the odds and ends I have laying around. It took a little under a week working on and off it to complete and it's all finished off into a 7" hoop.


Now to find somewhere (other than my random tree) to hang it!

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