Monday, 6 July 2015

LIFE: 4th of July and a Ribfest

RibFest RibFest RibFest

There's probably no better way to celebrate everything 4th of July and American than finding yourself some yummy BBQ food. Because damn, America can do BBQ really well. Luckily enough the holiday weekend also marked RibFest - our local event being down the road in Royal Oak. The thing to do in such events when you're not entirely sure of what to munch on is to add yourself to the longest queue for food. You can't be wrong if it's that popular. So we opted for the Caribbean BBQ stand, BBQ shrimp on a stick and a bowl of delicious mixed seafood goodies. Tasty good. Add some freshly squeezed lemonade into your other hand and you can't really go wrong. It always seems a little odd me being a bit "celebrating" independence day, but i'm more than happy to join in when there's yummy food involved. 

How did you spend your weekend?!

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