Friday, 10 July 2015

VINTAGE: Thiel College Yearbook 1946

Thiel Thiel Thiel Thiel Thiel
This 1946 yearbook from Thiel College - a liberal arts college in Greensville, Pennsylvania has become one of my favourite estate sale finds of late. It came from residence here in Metro Detroit, but with a basement filled with lots of Pennsylvania based cookbooks and history. I have to admit, I love pouring over the collages of photographs, reading the somewhat charming and often sarky captions.

Of Dorothy - "fond of history and Bill", to Lucile with a "new hair-do every week". To Suzanne who "has a husband ... lucky girl" and of Norman, a Detroit lad who "treats all women alike", whatever that means. Patricia "used to read a book a day"  and Louis well he's "always with Alice".

But those hair styles and dresses - those are the winners in my book.

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