Monday, 20 July 2015

LIFE: Photo An Hour - July 2015

My head is forgetful enough on a Saturday morning to have missed out on June's photo an hour link up's with Jane and Louisa. Surprisingly enough I remembered to tag along with the challenge on Saturday. We actually had a lot more planned for the day, but SE Michigan went under a heat advisory and it was nastily hot outside. So here is what we got up to instead;

Photo an hour

9 am // checking over the first lot of stitches of that old printed counted cross stitch sampler in the daylight. My embroidery skills are still a work in progress but so far, so good.

10 am // Saturday morning always means fitting some estate sales so 10 am caught us driving around. With a heat advisory over the weekend, it was far too warm to drive around to too many, but the three we hit we did pretty well out of. 

Photo an hour

11 am // at the last sale we scored a huge cabinet of old Lego pieces for $15. After giving our nephews Joe's old Lego last year, we saw this and thought of them. But it the cabinet was incredibly dusty... 

12 pm // still cleaning the Lego, the story of today. Lego orgy was occurring. 

Photo an hour

1 pm // Taco Bell lunch fix - trying out the new bacon club ranch chalupa which was pretty tasty indeed 

2 & 3 pm // yet back on the Lego cleaning, well more refilling the drawers ...

Photo an hour

4 pm // finally time to poke through some of my other estate sale goodies - including this huge box filled with some more thread & accessories for cross stitching. Estate sales feed my stitching addiction for sure

5 pm // messing around with some of the old Transformers Joe found at the same estate sale that the Lego came from. We're both big kids around ours. 

Photo an hour
6 pm // pizza and wings time! 

7 pm // 33 degrees and blue skies and far too much humidity outside. I can deal with Michigan heat a lot lot better, but that humidity, urgh.

The rest of the night was themed around lots of Netflix, beer and hiding inside with the AC blasting.

How was your Saturday?

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