Wednesday, 8 July 2015

OHIO: Kings Island Amusement Park

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Record breaking coasters? Tick. Eiffel Tower replica (one third of the size of the original in Paris)? Tick. Awesome funnel cake? Double tick. For part of Joe's 30th birthday celebrations this time two weeks ago we decided a trip to a theme park was in order and so began the start of our road trip.

Kings Island located just north of Cincinnati, Ohio is America's second most visited seasonal amusement park just behind it's sister Cedar Point. It's known for being the home to many world breaking attractions, some of which titles still remain. One of which is the Racer, which during the 1970's often considered to be the attraction that triggered interest back into the roller coaster industry. Like the Racer at Kennywood, PA two cars (unfortunately one was only working on our visit) race alongside each other around the track. While it might be a wooden coaster, it certainly gets your heart racing. 

Speaking of wooden coasters and one of my favorite rides of the day happened to be on The Beast . This coaster is not only the longest wooden coaster in the world, but also the longest of all coasters in America with a grand travel time of around 5 minutes. When it opened back in 1979 The Beast was the longest, tallest and fastest wooden coaster in the world, and while it may have had over 45 million riders, it remains a pretty exhilarating ride.

While i'm not the most experienced when it comes to riding coasters, there's plenty to ease you in at Kings Island, I mean there is 14 of them after all. Take the suspended swinging coaster The Bat (2nd and 4th photo), the Backlot Stunt Driver with flames and helicopters (awesome ride), inversions galore upon The Vortex (a rough ride I will admit) to my favorite - Flight of Fear.

Flight of Fear is one of those coasters where if i'd of known what was going to happen, I probably would never have considered riding it. A launch start, track going everywhere - rolls, twists, corkscrews and breaking, and in the dark. No thanks. But my word, it gets your blood pumping. After that ride, I think I really did earn that funnel cake with huge spoonful of strawberries - delicious!

Are you a roller coaster lover? What's your favorite theme-park to visit?

Where to find Kings Island?
6300 Kings Island Dr,
Mason, Ohio, 45040

PS. If you want a tip - download the free Kings Island app, not only will you get wait times for the rides, maps and extra info, but they have some money off coupons for things inside the park.

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