Friday, 31 July 2015

LIFE: The Small Things

Small Things

Wow two of these in two weeks, I'm spoiling you. That and I'm impressed I've remembered to do another one. There's hope for me yet. Plus it's another excuse to dump a load of random photographs in a pretty display. It's all about the visuals.

So 14 days and some happy things;
  • Doing the all American tradition of hiding from the crazy heat by going to the cinema and seeing both Ant Man and Amy Schumer's Trainwreck. Both are well worth watching. The latter just making my day and being so much better than I had hoped. Tears from all the laughing. Amy Schumer just gets it spot on. 
  • Tennessee Whisky Cake at TGI Friday's - enough said (kinda made up for the slow service and just okay entree). 
  • Scoring a new (to us) computer desk for $20 - one that doesn't rock, wobble, slide like the old one. Yey.
  • Finding an old blog post about my first ever visit to an estate sale back in March 2012, oh the fun we've had since doing them weekly! 
  • Marking six years of blogging - thanks for all the comments!
  • Messing around with a new phone camera app - complete with mirrors and leaky light features. I'm easily amused. But amused enough to ditch VSCO for Lidow. 
  • Vanilla cream drinks from Tim Hortons <3
  • Picking seeds from the cilantro plants in hope of turning it into some coriander powder for curry making. Fingers crossed!
  • Bulb catalogues for spring 2016 dropping in the mail box, not that I'm wishing time away but gimme all the flowers!
  • Self seeded sunflowers from bird seed - free flowers!
  • Studying this obsessively detailed map Emma found all about amazing places to visit on American roadtrips - any roadtrip that gives a mention to Michigan (which is most often missed off) is a winner in my book.  
  • Falling in love and adding far too many more cross stitch projects after coming across The Sunflower Diaries (great xstitch freebies if that's your thing).
 What's been rocking your world lately?

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