Wednesday, 10 June 2015

CREATIVE: A Garden Party Stitch Along #5


You know what I love? Warm sunny afternoons that I can spend outside cross stitching away to the sounds of the birds tweeting to each other. Nothing beats crafting in natural daylight that's for sure. Although sitting under our Maple tree there always seems to be the risk of either leaves, seeds or bird poop landing on your head, shoulder or sewing. Ah well all in a day's work. 

Another month as rolled by so here's my latest marker for the Cross Stitch Collection Garden Party stitch along. This last month I've been working my way around some more of the figures - a grand old lass, some gossiping busybodies in the background and some children who I've decided are twins. You see the more time I spend with these figures, I've started making up personal histories and back stories for them all. 


I have to admit that the female servant is one of my favorites. Possibly because my own family history contains many a 1800's census reference to female domestic servants so I feel a kinship with her.

April to May 

If there's one thing I'm really learning sharing all these updates, alongside all my other cross stitchy happenings. Getting the camera to really capture the true colour of these designs and threads is a right royal pain in the a!s. But carry on I must - my stitching plans for June include working on the old background a little more - it's kinda boring but it stitches up quickly.

So I love stitching outside, but tell me what you love doing while you're soaking up the sun!

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