Friday, 19 June 2015

CREATIVE: There's a Cat In the Garden Shed

There's never really much rhyme or reason for which cross stitch projects I get around to doing. Sometimes there's a need for a certain thing in a certain room, or it's a fitting idea for a birthday card. Or because there's a cat in it, it's brightly coloured and involves a garden. #Winning!


This is one of three garden shed designs from Shannon Wasilieff (who has a fabulous etsy store btw) that appeared in the #228 issue of the World of Cross Stitching earlier this year. It ended up being one of those quick small projects that you don't want to end because it's such a cheerful thing to be working on.

The other two designs are just has wonder in their style and colour. I really doubt my sewing skills so I didn't even try and attempt to turn them into the suggested shed design. But I think it looks more than okay in it's little frame.


Granted I'm yet to buy myself a wonderfully bright bench or have a flower box, but there's more often then not one of my fur balls sitting on their kitty tower watching me through the window if I'm out working in the garden. Well it's more likely the birds, but ya know ...


Small projects like this are handy for being able to pick up and set aside. They eat away into my stash of spare cottons and with stitching that huge stitch along, it breaks up the concentration. Hopefully I'll get around to stitching the other two after I get through some of my other cross stitchy plans. I'm also on the hunt for another huge project because i'm getting through stitching projects rather fast these days ... oops.

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