Monday, 15 June 2015

SNAPSHOTS: Belle Isle & The Snake Goddess

Belle Isle Belle Isle Belle Isle Belle Isle Belle Isle

Detroit's Belle Isle is filled Native American legends, prior to it's current name the island was called Rattlesnake Island a name coming from all the water snakes once found around it's shores. A shore home to the Snake Goddess. Legend suggest the daughter of Ottawa Chief Sleeping Bear was so pretty he that hid her - putting her on a canoe to Belle Isle (an island in the Detroit River) for her safety. Furthermore he asked the Great Spirits to protect his daughter, the spirits in turn surrounding the island with snakes (hence Rattlesnake Island) and the Snake Goddess she became. Legend also notes she gained the ability to transform into a white doe, a creature many claim to have spotted. Or of urban legends, parking along Tanglewood Drive, offering three car honks into the night to summon up a Lady in White. 

Truth be told, I could think of a lot worse places to haunt. 

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