Thursday, 7 January 2010

A chilly cold UK

Just saw this picture [see below] on the good old BBC, it made me chuckle that the UK is looking that cold, I really don't think any inch of the UK seems to have missed the cold snap!

Oh, and with more to come! Enjoy if you can!

P.S I will get to my normal state of posting soon, just inspiration seems to be lacking atm.


  1. I'm freezing my finger tips off as I type, heating aint what it used to be in these old houses! happy New Year...

  2. Tell me about it! I've given up trying to be able to feel any of my toes on a morning going to work, they turn into blocks of freezing cold ice it seems!

  3. looks like cotton wool :-)

    I'm cold too the house didn't heat up at all today, it's my day off and i've been wrapped up in bed trying to conserve energy!!

  4. Oh, if only I could give you guys a piece of the hot sun here:)

    Go toast yourself at the fireplace!


  5. While the blizzards have stayed at bay so far this year (knock wood!), our temps are anything but tropical here in Toronto, too, so I can most definitely relate.

    Sending you warm thoughts & tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Isn't it awful. I need more thermals!

  7. I've taken to sleeping under three blankets as well as a duvet! And, as I sit here typing it carries on snowing, I wonder if it's ever going to end?!

  8. I saw this photograph on the news and could not believe it! Im loving having decent snow for once! x