Friday, 8 January 2010

My day off in the snow ...

I guess I slightly went back to being a little kid today on my day off. Luckily in a way it was my day off, with the state of the weather today I fear I may have been slightly stuck getting to, and from work. Word is that it is only going to get worse, yet again!

It's been snowing pretty much on and off for the past three weeks. Most of it went over Christmas only to return in vengeance this week as you probably noted with my blog the other day.

So after a wander to the shops, I had a bit of a play in the snow. I wanted to make a snowman [or in this politically correct era, snowwomen] but with only one pair of gloves I had a fear of making them soaking wet and being glove less for days!

Justify FullJust what a girl needs to keep warm - thick big biker boots, skinny jeans, a huge warm coat and plenty of snow kick around and mess with!
If you forget just how slippery the roads are and how darn cold it was it makes a very pretty picture!
The snow on what was a week ago our Christmas tree. Yeah i'm a sucker for love and romance ... but just a little message to my guy.
Then you look out the window at going on 4pm and it's started to snow rather heavily again. The roads are back to a state of "treacherous" and buses being super duper held up. I have no idea if i'll be making it to work tomorrow. I'm wondering if its even worth the "risk" even trying. But sometimes I fear they don't believe how bad it can get weather and road wise out in the countryside especially since the government and councils are decreasing by 25% the amount of grit/salt they are using on all roads. So unless your living next to a motorway I think your pretty much screwed!

Gah, stupid snow! Hope it doesn't stop or hazard your weekends too much folks!

All pictures my own


  1. Bonjour,
    You have a winter wonderland there - maybe not exactly, be careful on the road. Love all your pictures and the sweet little I love u message. We've gotten just a little snow here i PAris but not that much, nothing like where you are.
    Boone chance and stay warm this weekend!

  2. Oh girl I always feel like a lil kid when it snows. I have to go out in it too! Cute pictures!! Keep Warm!!

    Hey I gave you an award over at my blog too! =) Have a great weekend!

  3. Hmm,,I wish I could have a snow moment in my life. Anyway, I love the 3rd picture.

  4. Ooo cheers for the award Melanie! No snow today but more is apparently forecast!