Sunday, 3 January 2010

Daisy, daisy, daisy ...

I've never really got into this sales melarky, I've always been half tempted to think it is merely a commercial joke shops and manufactures are having on us to spend yet more of our money. Sometimes this sadly is most often, the case. But I guess if you really are shopping for something which is needed, something that you really would use or intend to save for another gift in time, then maybe it has its uses. The only other reason sales have a jolly good use is when it comes to perfume, especially those delights in gift boxes.

I can be a sucker for perfume, I would be more so if I had the money to spend on it too. I can admire and glare at a bottle of Chanel as good as the next classy girl, i've never fallen into the requirement of owning any celebrity scents however. Soo, when stood in the shop and they began wheeling out more of the shiny right golden boxed delights of Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume how could a girl resist?

My eyes have been admiring Daisy for rather a long time, probably since it did actually come out at least two years ago, if not longer. At the time i'd only really started getting into perfume and then as I am now, i'm a complete fool for Paul Smith perfume - mainly because he's not that too well known, brings out big bottles, semi cheap [£20-£30] and his scents are truly feminine, light and gorgeous. The battle was between Daisy [Marc Jacobs] and Sunshine [Paul Smith]. Needless to say the £30, 100ml Sunshine bottle won. I lived in hope ever since that over time, and with introduction of Lola, the price of Daisy would decrease - I have never been proved right with this assumption.

So, which girl would turn down the half price Daisy gift set in Boots? Down from £45 to £22.50 I might add?!
The magic box of tricks ... its a gorgeous box in its own right
Open the lid and peer inside to the delights of the Daisy perfume, small vapouriser and body lotion - yummy
Daisy and its younger counterpart of Lola have the perfume bottles that I just adore. Much alike to the post I did a week or two ago about vintage perfume bottles they have something that is bewitching and magical, they are stylish and feminine. They make the perfect little addition to a girls dresser.
Pretty pretty daisies


  1. Hi there,I'm new here, adore vintage and hanker after powder compacts too.Must start following you, great to find another UK blogger. Sharon xx

  2. Ohhhh half price sales on perfume are my new addiction!! Woa that's a great sale for Daisy!! =)

  3. Love perfume! I've never actually smelled Daisy.
    I usually get my perfume at Nordstroms, and it seems like they never put the bulk of it on sale! Only some holiday gift sets, like this one. Which is amazing! I really wanted the YSL Parisienne gift set but they were basically sold out in stores so I just have the bottle.
    If I had more money I would probably have more fancy perfumes, and I love the look of all the different bottles huddled together on a tray. :)


  4. Well done you...good buy! I haven't smelt any of Marc Jacobs perfumes but that bottle is darling, think I'll have to go and have a sniff.x

  5. What a sweet ode of a post to Daisy! I love the bottle so much too, it's such a lovely design!! I envy your bottle:P

    I'm stuck with my Miss Dior Cherie for the time being:)

    p.s. So are you in a LDR too like me? Ohh, how far away is he and how often do you see him? Sorry for being over-inquisitive!

  6. I don't wear perfume that often, but I love the look of that bottle! Very pretty.

  7. Wow, you got a great deal! I love Daisy, and lately, I'm obsessed with Lola too :)

  8. I am very jealous of your great bargain! I went to Boots and John Lewis to look for my own bargain, but they had all gone :(

    I really want a perfume, but for some reason, I just cannot justify spending so much money and what is essentially a jar of smelly liquid :(

  9. Though I've worn a handful of scents over the years (some of which I loved, others that I quickly cooled on), I don't have a signature scent at the moment and on the prowl for one. Hopefully 2010 will delivery the right perfume my way, too :)

    Wishing you a terrific Friday & weekend ahead, sweet dear!
    ♥ Jessica

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