Thursday, 21 January 2010

Vintage wooden sewing box

Having a good sewing box is part and parcel of being an organised and dedicated sewer. With a base to organise and sort your skeins, your needles your bits and pieces will allow the crafty girl more time to past time in her hobby rather then rooting and hunting out that needle.

My own sewing box is one that my gran use to use, complete with her old threads, needles - everything really a girl could ever need. In addition I was brought a Celia Birtwell sewing organiser for Christmas but in turn its made a very handy jewellery box.

But being vintage at heart I could never turn down a vintage sewing box something like this that I stumbled on upon that magical delight of Ebay;

Images lost to cyberspace

Even complete with old safety pins, fasteners, thimbles, bobbins and silks this is the perfect little wooden storage case for your sewing pleasure. With 6 bids currently resting on £12.66, I really hope it goes to a home where its loved.


  1. My word, that is rather specular! I can't help but envy the lucky soul who gets to bring this gorgeous treasure home with them.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Oh that is so sweet and a real treasure too:)


  3. Cute, cute, cute. You can imagine a Victorian lady sitting by firelight with this box of treats. I just love it.

  4. that is just GORGEOUS!

    PS: Just read your comment on my bedroom pic. Darling, Pink Flower, what great eyes you have: it's funny; I acquired it for the shop but never really got around to listing it. Yet, every time I look at it, I keep thinking of you and your glorious compact collection. This brings me to tell you that if you would be interested in acquiring it for your own, I would love to give you first "dibs" before I list it. If you are interested, drop me a convo via the etsy shop ( and I can send you some more pics, etc. before I offer it up to the general public. xoxo.

  5. What a lovely find. Vintage sewing bits always come in so handy. I always make sure to look for them when at estate sales and such, you never know when you will be making up a vintage dress using a vintage pattern and it will call for some hook or closure they havent made since the 1950's!

    Lovely blog.