Friday, 15 January 2010

A vintage treasure chest

From the success of the images of the vintage compacts from the other day, I thought I'd use this as the perfect excuse to draw your attention to this gorgeous images of these delightful treasure chests of shops that the vintage finds which my sweet, sweet JJ buys me things from.
Images like this vintage stroller pram get me very broody and I'm sure I'm able to hear my body clock starting to tick already and i'm only 23 but it doesn't help when oh so many girls from my year in school have had one, if not two children already. What's helping even less is the introduction of the baby clothing range into the store I work in. The mittens, socks and shoes for the 0-6 month old babies are just oh so adorable. But old and vintage is often more sturdy and more reliable and that is why this pram catches my eye - just a tad heavy and large for getting into the boot of the car methinks.
Not only do I just adore the desk but the two picture/photo frames standing upon it just ring out "buy me". While one seems to be missing its back, their delicate decorations and engraving just scream out quality and love. I can still hear them calling ...
What girl could turn down a peer into this vintage jewellery mass? From rings, to necklaces via hair brushes and a watch there is almost certainly something for every taste. What I just love is the colouring and the art deco design upon the vanity set at the far right of the page. Beige has never looked so attractive!
There is always time to think about Christmas, even when it was only 3 weeks ago, especially if its thrift and vintage. They really don't seem to make Christmas decorations just as sparkly as they once were!
Once you have one you start wanting more and more! This sweet, little silver topped perfume bottles are a delight to find hidden among the plants and the plates. Even the tray they are sitting so edgily upon the shelf is a gorgeous little treat!

In every image, of every object I just love how the item is presented and offered as if in a space and a place like within a home. Far from being presented in the typical format of contemporary shops of being pushes to the masses, everything in lines, everything the same, these objects offer a practical space for admiring the delights and the ways of the old. While these objects, be them antique or furniture - they are all presented as having and deserving not only a place, but more so of a use within the home and life we have today.

To let you into a secret, all these images and the vintage items I am luckily enough to call my own make me dream and wish, but most importantly make me drive towards having a shop so influenced by these styled vintage shops, of my known. I know I'm a massive daydreamer but its just something I would love to do. Who knows, maybe one day?!


  1. Oh I just love these finds! I would love to have that radio!!!

  2. Bonjour Pink Flower,
    Oh I want to visit this shop right now! I spied those two beautiful frames too, and that case with all those fabulus trinkets - the best find though is your JJ - he knows just where to go for you!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I believe your dream will come true one day, you're such a sweet person:)

  4. Aww thank you everyone - I am a very lucky girl to have the sweetest of lovers.

  5. What a marvelous bounty of vintage treasures. I could spend ages look at each of these beauties in person (and would relish the chance to do so!), but if I could only take one thing home with me, I think it would the gorgeous vanity (hand mirror, brush, etc) set. I had a (modern, but very antique looking) set as a child and have been daydreaming lately about acquiring one again.

    Scores of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica