Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Powder, crocheting and some sorting

For some reason I never stepped inside Superdrug for years - no real reason why, just didn't - I think I was too blinded by the Advantage Card of it's rival rather then going by price comparisons. Thing is, Superdrug has some marvellous finds including these three vintage styled compact powder puffs [three for £1.49 = bargain!!] that I treated myself too the other day.

Anyone else come across and perfectly divine bargains? Or found a new shop?

I've even put one aside to display with my favourite compact - my square Vogue Vanitie as shown in the picture which had lost its original powder puff by the time it had found me. Most of my compacts are dotted around and displayed in my room - i'd rather have them out and seen then merely hiding them away to just keep them safe and clean. They happily perch upon the box of my mirror, my desk and my bedside cabinet, all sat upon old crocheted dollies [one of which can actually be seen under the hand vanity mirror above]made by an old great aunt or my granny when they were alive.

I keep on my "to do" list the need to learn to actually crochet properly, I mean I can make patches for a rug, I started and still haven't finished [because I don't have time any more] making a hot water bottle cover. I'd love to be able to make more delicate, flowery 'things'. I saved a lot of 1940s-1960s patterns from my gran which I do intend to show because they are just so worthy of posting about one day.

The key thing is, if you have vintage things, or just things you love now, you should just show them and make them a part of your world, make them things you see everyday. Sometimes it gets too easy to store them away to keep them safe, but they are all worthy of being seen, of being viewed and cherished as long as you look after them, keep them dry, safe, out of extreme light and temperature changes.

As a side note, i'm on the verge of trying to sort out my life in a way to battle my burning out mood and get me back to happier times and hopefully a new job. A step in the right direction right now is a step into the right path for the future. Wish me luck!


  1. The powder puffs look lovely! I agree with you that pretty things shouldn't be stored away. Being surrounded with them make people more happy!
    Good luck with sorting out your life, and with finding a job!

  2. I keep all my favourite things in full view because I can't bear to hide them away in drawers. We have no space for anything but it all looks so pretty!

    I have those powder puffs too! :)

  3. Your so right about putting your vintage stuff out. I have alot of trinkets & I keep them everywhere. hehe.

    I love those powder puffs!!

    Good luck with the step in the right direction. I need to do that too.

  4. Good luck with the search!

    I cannot wait to see the crochet patterns you have, I just love to crochet but have yet to find some vintage crochet books (in my price range) in my various hunts. lol

  5. I will get onto the task of copying up the crocheting patterns!