Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Cats, technology and being that little old lady who knits

I've always been a cat girlie, dogs tend to absolutely scare me, its a mixture of their yelping and barking, licking and jumping which gets me all into a flutter. I'm sure some dogs are lovely, but cat's have always had a place in my heart. Their independence, their curiosity and their ability to entertainment themselves reminds me a little of myself - perhaps that is why I've always felt so drawn to them.

Plus moments when you mix a cat and modern technology always ends in laughter; take this clip for example;

It's this just utterly adorable?!

But let me introduce you to Ed, or as I call her Edders, I guess she's our cat, well more JJ's cat then mine but still, she's the start of our mini family - so I guess that makes me her step mum? foster mum? Whichever! Soon she'll have a better passport on her then I do.
I've always seen myself as that old women with a million cats knitting. Mind you probably be more like three cats, mine and JJ's zimmer frames and sewing playing jazz music and still watching Fred Astaire speaking of the "good 'old days" and refusing to move into a home.


  1. Ah, I'm such a dog person! I do love kitty cats though. These dudes are so cute! :)

  2. I'm totally with you on the cat thing :) I have a cat called Biff at home with my parents and I miss him so much since moving out. Edders is adorable!

  3. Edders also weights in at a remarkable 22 lbs. Shes WAY over weight. Trying to diet her but dun seem like shes losing any weight.

  4. aw, Edders.

    I'm totally a cat person

  5. I adore cats! We have too. They can be a pain sometimes but they are so cute and interesting!
    Yours is darling!
    Cute video!
    Thanks for your visit :)

  6. I love both cats and dogs but do hold a special place for cats! I can wait to be an old lady that knits! lol

  7. Oh, I think I'm a bit allergic to cats, maybe it's because there are too many stray cats where I live and they make such a racket when I'm trying to sleep:P

  8. Cats really are so wonderful. Sometimes snuggly sometimes independent (plus way cleaner than a dog). The video of the cat and the ipad is too cute.