Sunday, 18 April 2010

A Per Una powder compact - a vintage idea meets contemporary beauty

I surprised myself when I was designing my new header and I added that this was a blog about alongside other things - compacts. They were one of the main things I use to blog lots about, I guess my daydreams have taken over somewhat and they went on the back burner - they seem a hard thing to collect when your meant to be money saving.

Previously I use to always just wear liquid foundation it just seemed the thing to do. Then I linked everything together and I thought I'd start an investigation into the availability and the difference of using the powdered variety just to compare. And to be honest, it's a move I wish I'd made a long while ago. I must state that I know some people say you should only use powdered foundation as a kind of finishing layer to cover and hold your make up - but because I tend to just want a minimal make up appearance, especially everyday at work and during the summer, I'm not a girl that get into caking my face with make up because and without growing an insanely huge ego my skin is pretty good [putting this down to looking young for my age and using cold cream] and this method of foundation is just another way to add to this.

And I guess add a nice compact design into the frame and I'm hooked right? Pretty much ...

Normally contemporary powder compacts are a bit, naff to say the least, they seem too cheaply made and a bit lacking in the glamour and design that they once had - maybe that's just to keep the prices low I guess in a way. But the first that has really impressed is the Per Una Speziale Long Wear Pressed Foundation. I know people don't tend to link Marks and Spencer and make-up but I decided to take the risk. And it was worth it - it offers long lasting cover, yet a natural, even coverage rather then the orange tones that others have offered previously [i'm thinking of a No17 powder foundation I tried]. Additionally unlike some other it doesn't fake and perfectly covers tricky areas like the T line and the chin.

As for the compact itself, its encased in a somewhat plastic but shiny gold case embedded with the three hearts of Per Una held down with a sturdy clasp.
Even the powder puff has the per una design - it's little things that make a lot of difference when it comes to style
I think, going by the success of their other products I'm tempted to try out some Bourjois powders.But I would love to hear if you have any powder recommendations, are you a liquid or a powder girl? Or both?


  1. i use a mousse mostly! but then like you i tend to avoid foundation on a day to day basis because my skin is pretty good. i would love to wear just a powder but i guess i don't trust it all to not fall off within an hour..! i normally use it as a finisher but i shall investigate the one you've mentioned :)

  2. Such a gorgeous compact. When I first saw the pic I thought you had decanted a modern powder into one of your vintage compacts! Bet it looks gorgeous in your handbag.

    I'm a both kinda girl - I use whatever liquid foundation I'm loving at the moment (currently Estee Lauder Double Wear) and follow it with whatever powder I'm loving at the moment (currently Rimmel's Stay Matte). Neither come in pretty pots - sigh!

    I love Bourjois by the way - their blushers are the best and the posts are so cute!

  3. Decanting one is something I really want to try Jen, maybe i'll have to next time!

  4. im a bit scared of pressed powder, i only use mineral powder foundation... but the packaging is so pretty!!

  5. I always thought that was a beautiful hobby of yours! Collecting vintage compacts:)

    I'm more of a compact powder kind of girl I guess, though I've had my fair share of buying the liquid. It just feels more messy using the liquid somehow!


  6. that is beautiful!

    I have to say I prefer liquid over powder but only because I have super dry skin and powder makes it worse!

  7. i've never tried a powder foundation, but do have pressed powders to dust over my liquid foundation (LOVE liquid foundation).
    and that's such a pretty design! I hate most compacts now; all modern and cleans lines and just boring! vintage ftw!

  8. Im a liquid girl, and it has to come in an airtight bottle (no pouring, it has to squeeze out so not so many germs get in!) I had awful skin for years and now I am just paranoid. That compact really is beautiful though, I wish I had it just as my purse mirror :)