Monday, 5 April 2010


One thing I should have typed into the quiz I did for my blog the other night is that i've never ever ever tried sushi. Ever. I've seen it in shops and I will admit the version they do in good old M&S is rather impressive and interesting looking. But after that, nah, nada, nowt, not even touched it with the old barge pole yet alone a fork.
Maybe its the thought of the seaweed [does it even have seaweed or is that something my head's made up] rawness and just fingers and slimy looking fishy eel things that i've always stayed away from it.

But through corrupting the boyfriend into loving tea, especially Yorkshire tea and its many forms so its more like an obsession I guess my comeuppance is to try one of his favourite types of meals - and this is where we come to sushi. I'm just not convinced yet into that its is nice even though normally i'm a try anything once kinda girlie. Maybe its the idea of the rawness? I must admit it always looks pretty so i'mma just giving it a wide berth.

I'm gonna have to dive into the deep end aren't i?!
Especially when you stick it into google images and you get random selection of men delightfully eating sushi of semi naked slim girlies - what's that all about? Some random food fetish i've never come across?!

I guess I still need convincing ...
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  1. I thoroughly recommend Yo Sushi for your first sushi experience! It's a great way to try different dishes and there are some more 'normal' things in there too, it ease you in!

    I'm not a huge fan of sushi but I do like salmon skin rolls. Yum!

  2. Haha that picture is SO weird!!
    I've tried vegetarian sushi, it was nice, might be a good place for you to start?
    I hate Wasabi though... I felt like I was dying when I tried it!

  3. Yeah I know Laura - and crazily there's loads of them kicking around!

    We've been thinking about the Yo Sushi chain and their menu seems rather simplistic for the first timer like me so much I point out the chicken side more then the traditional sushi!

    It's weird because I utterly love fish, i'm tuna, salmon and prawn addict but the idea of mixing them into "sushi" and I go off the idea.

    I'm gonna have to bite the bullet - I know I am! :D

  4. I really like sushi, and would deefinitely recommend it (never tried it off the body of a semi-naked girl though, maybe it tastes different?!), a lot of sushi restaurants have cooked food as well so maybe you could start with that and work your way up?

  5. Your an only child too!!! That's awesome!

    I am not a fan of sushi. I dunno if its the fishy taste or the coldness or the chop sticks or the "It will fall apart if you bite it wrong" ness about it that I just can't wrap myself around it. I think its an acquired taste. Some people love it! I'd say give it at least a try to see if you'll like it!

  6. Hi there - thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog! Yours is beautiful as well! :)

  7. haha that photo reminds me of the sex and the city film! i like sushi, but i can understand the raw fish putting people off. it doesn't really taste 'fishy' like you'd think though

  8. I agree that veggie rolls can be a great place to start. I lived in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where sushi places are really popular, and I still don't eat raw fish, but I love veggie maki rolls, tempura, and I'm also a huge fan of agedashi tofu. If you like fish but not the seaweed wrap, you can get sashimi, which is just the fish without the rice, and sushi which is fish with rice (the rolls often have the seaweed wrap). One last tip: fresh sushi or sashimi should not taste or smell fishy. If it does, it's not fresh....!

  9. Try to corrupt me into being British and think she can get away without my own corruptions. Hehehe...

    I do have a couple ideas of what to make her suffer through first but... seriously, sushi with a fork? :P I just use my fingers.

  10. Oh dearie, put aside all your fears!! Japanese food is delicious!

    You may start off with some "normal" sushi like tuna or egg and try a california roll. Then as you gradually acquire the taste for it, you can go ahead with sashimi which is all the raw stuff! I love sashimi!! I'm feeling hungry just thinking of them:P

    Good luck!


  11. i think sushi is one of those things for which one has to "acquire" a taste.

    i personally don't like it.

    thanks for following, i am toon now =)


  12. urgh i dont get sushi either, whenever i walk past the sushi bar at meadowhall it makes me want to gip. It just smells wrong.However it looks pretty and healthy so maybe i also need to take the plunge


  13. I don't mind the flavour, it's the texture that gets me!

  14. Argh, I am totally craving sushi now. Big time!

  15. You can't hide being anon :P fingers?! Noooo corruption remember - knife AND fork everytime

  16. Hmm! I think I remember seeing that from some movie a looong time ago. Maybe it was a Crichton adaptation? I never saw sushi in the same way, lol.

  17. I think sushi was the hardest thing to quit once I went full vegan/vegetarian! I still miss it :'o(

  18. I'm obsessed with sushi, a few months ago I was eating it like 5 times a week (I went off it for a bit after then, obviously I sickened myself) - the M&S ones are really nice, I'd recommend them for a first go, they're a bit tamer than in a restaurant and very little in them is actually raw x