Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Ride ride ride away

The parents finally got their hands on a an allotment the other week, for a tenner a year they get their own plot of land - kinda like the American Dream but in reality,and at the other side of the pond. Hidden away in it's far corner, under what was a savage, creeping grape vine was a shed, within which a dusty, cobweb covered bike was hiding.

I never really thought anything about it till me and JJ were talking last night about spending the long summer and autumn evenings going for random wanders. And then it hit me - the wanting to be a big kid again and go for day long bike rides, not caring what time it would be when we finally reached home. To go down hill reallllllllly fast, getting lost down random country lanes and taking your hands off the handlebars. Sometimes I really miss that freedom of bike rides you use to have when you were a child.

Well at least we've found a use for the bike!
Oh wouldn't it be utterly fun?!
What childhood escapes do you miss?


  1. I miss being read fairy stories and singing really loud and not caring if I was in tune or not :D

    I love bikes, I wish I lived in the countryside sometimes so I could go on long bike rides! x

  2. What a darling post! I love getting lost in the summer & wandering. I wish I still had a bike. I miss letting my mind get lost in icing & dreams. =)

    Very pretty profile picture too! love your blue blouse!

  3. Mr and I are desperate for bikes. This is the first year we've lived somewhere we can a) keep them safe and b) actually ride them around! I'd love an old fashioned bike with curly handbars and a wicker basket. Oh, I MUST have one!!

  4. pretty photos!
    would love to ride a bike but I would be a bit scared in central London...

  5. I am so insanely jealous of your parents right now!